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To the wire with not only Bradley Bill who went off Last night for 50. In overtime. Whatever the Pacers, but also Kyrie, Irving, make that Steph Curry Kyrie did have a big night but Steph Curry 49 like 23 minutes. Off of the Warriors. He's must see TV. Every game at this point. I don't care how much you hate the warriors, or you hated the fact that Kevin Durant went there and that was the Warriors in the finals Every year. You have to watch this. If you care at all about basketball, any level, you have to watch Steph Curry and what he's doing on a nightly basis, the best he's ever played. Which is pretty incredible, considering he was unbelievable on that 70 to win Unanimous M V p season. When they did not win the championship. He's must see TV every single night. So I did say going to the brake. That I want to see the Nets and the Lakers and finals. I think most people do. It's the star power. Of an NBA finals between those two teams. If we can get to there, and if they could be in all healthy, the star power on the floor. It would remind me of what I saw. In 2017 when The Warriors and the Cavs battle that I was fortunate. I got a great seat to be able to see those But if the one thing you see these guys warm up, you see Kevin Durant, Clay Thompson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green and Egg would Allah who at one point even Wanna NBA Finals M V P. When you saw those guys warming up with LeBron Kyrie, Kevin Love you, J. R. Smith. Out there. Itwas incredible. You knew that those players were all going to share the court and every play every possession. There would be these three story lines. Could this guy guard this guy? And what would that look like? And you're going to see dunks and you're gonna see The deep threes as that was becoming involved in the NBA. Now it seems a little more normal. You see big defensive plays at the rim. You see it all you'd see ball handling, you'd see almost a ballet with players and their incredible footwork, making their way to the basket. And you knew that it was the best players in the world. It's a big reason why I want to see this with the Nets and the Lakers. And look, you might not be happy with the way that these teams were assembled. You might not be happy that guy's just decided takeoff time like I re earlier in the year. That LeBron James says he's medically cleared, but for some reason Hey, just decide not to play the last few games. Whatever. I can put that aside if you can entertain me during two weeks in the summer. That's how it's always been my entire life. Remember going to basketball camp and seeing the Bulls and the And the Utah Jazz and call Malone and John Stockton, Jeff Horn, a sack against Pippen and Jordan. And yet Phil Jackson on the sidelines. And there were moments stuff that I will remember the rest of my life and I don't know. If the NBA you'll ever claim that kind of territory again and those indelible marks, But I remember it. It's etched in my In my brain forever. That made me a basketball fan forever. And so can you imagine? Seen LeBron And Anthony Davis. Kyrie Harden, Kevin Durant and how Blake Notice. I didn't say Andre Drummond. We'll go over the Lakers record with Andre drumming in the lineup. What That's what I want to see. And that's what most of basketball should want to see. But I also said before the break That it's something That might be bad for business Long term for the MBA. Because this season and I understand there were complexities to the season. And how hard it was going to be to try to cram essentially two seasons in a short period of time. And it was a way for the MBA to try toe recoup some of the money lost from last year where they had no fans there to go to a bubble. This was a sizable cost for the MBA. Yes, ratings are down. Ratings are down for everything. I'm almost sick and tired of seeing the stories. About how the ratings are down all across four. It's every platform everywhere. But I'm trying to think About some of the themes that are gonna be discussed. And what NBA fans and not the die hard because they're gonna be there no matter what. But those casual NBA fans what this could signify. If you were to fast forward in the late May and it's the Nets and the Lakers. First of all, Let's Let's think about urgency here for a second. It's not that the Lakers Weren't having a very good year when LeBron was healthy. They were. They were maybe the best defensive team in the MBA. And you wanted the again see on a nightly basis anytime that LeBron and Anthony Davis were able to play together. You knew you were watching greatness. And you wanted to see those rules solidify that you saw it last year. Certainly in the playoff run Anthony Davis with the clutch shot. One of the most clutch shots you could have. But nobody will remember it because that bubble season was so weird. That bubble playoff format be new LeBron. Let everybody know again. Hey, I'm here. End of the year. I'm the best player. Nobody's close. But you wanted to see them replicated throughout a little more of a normal season. At least as normal as it.

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