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I want those three guys as a starting midfield period. So yeah, I can understand that. If Brendan aronson is playing well in the Premier League, he's gonna get a chance at that spot. There is an argument, so there's an argument that the spot he's fighting for could be with Weston McKinney and not with Eunice Musa. I think it is with McKinney. I don't think that I personally don't think that's a question. So I don't know that if Weston mckenney is healthy, that he comes off the field, culturally for this U.S. team. He has established himself. He got on the end of two set pieces. Agreed. So I think he's established himself as a starter for this team. And the leader of this team, walker's in there as well. Tyler's in there as well, pulisic. But I think Weston McKinney is the guy and especially in the Mexico games that they had and some of the bigger moments the second half of qualifying after he got back with the U.S., like he, I think he's locked in for all those reasons. But the other thing I found interesting not just moose's ability to progress the ball, is it changed the shape that the U.S. was playing against, and they were able to play through the middle better. And you didn't see that a lot in qualifying because those two 8 sat so high at times. There wasn't space for them to play. And I think it opened the game up a little bit. Now I think a portion of that is no Valverde, Nora. This was a different midfield for Uruguay than what they played on Thursday night, and it was players that weren't as familiar with each other and I don't think whereas comfortable and what their jobs were. And so they got exposed. They got opened up. They chased a little bit more. But that ability to play through the middle, I don't think we've seen that from the U.S..

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