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The by the way i got my nfc east head coach is confused doug peterson eagles head coach not jaeger yet of course the redskins they cut short of flyers final traffic stay cellular slipped butterfly by the way crazy day yesterday in vegas how 'bout this ten of thirteen underdogs one in we know i talked to j rudy runs book for the mgm when i was there for the mcgregor mayweather fight and he said you know the they love when guys bet the over they love on guys bet poor lazy no that's how they make their money everybody likes to bed the over our acp the over and everybody likes parleys and everybody likes to bet the favorite so on a day like yesterday where the underdogs clean up there was one of the most lucrative days in vegas sports book history so i'm sure my guy jay rude had an ear to ear smile on his face yesterday of ages clean allison all the soccer is out there a little too overs are in all those favorite's fade the money yeah no doubt about it tightens in the seahawks boy seattle seahawks defense man is flawed they don't know that same mystique that they used to and packers got the win aaron rodgers brought him back with their old line is absolute trash i'm not a believer in the packers intel they can get that thanks quite away and get some guys healthy they're like the bears me perennially banged up and then other cheese found another way to win a how many i think philip rivers just through another interception he does not look good karim hunt though seventeen carries hundred seventy yards and a touchdown are you kidding me this kid is to legit to quit like mc hammer and 93 mandated don't stop and then if this sunday night game the redskins just put it on the raiders man other raiders two catches for twelve yards combined were were cooper and increasingly ticket for thirteen yards undersold sold them by yard mob blunder your guy jerry cooked dopey 443 in a tug marsha lynch six carries for eighteen yards abject a real two or three words establish the run never do yesterday was of that they were down early and they just they just i think there's nothing to have the ability to quick iraq vet that we face i mean he was.

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