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Not Happening, but then it. Wasn't running last year. So who knows man does? Crazy Times. Has. been. Any interest options for a Netflix series or anything like that to develop the book into a show? A series of movie there has been there has been as well as. Tune but I haven't pulled the trigger on any because I wanna make sure that the creative integrity of the project is is is protected. You know so it's not really about the money to me it's about getting it right and so but there has been. So hopefully hopefully, you'll see something within you know within my lifetime with not not just the Eric Steele Saga but also without Alberton. Yeah now have you have you thought ahead now getting elected into and being a congressman? Are you still going to have time to be able to put out more books or you have to put down old? Well, right now I'm just I'm just focused on winning. I'm like one day out. You know I'm working on the fourth book now I think it's going to be really good but yeah, I haven't given. I honestly haven't given that any thought whatsoever. None. Whatsoever. and. What's IT called What is the What is the campaign game plan and no you're hitting hitting it pretty hard. We got a short run here till November. Now, what kind of Game Plan? As the campaign I mean, we're just we're just doing all the hard unsexy work of getting out there in the middle of a crazy pandemic and you know that the pandemic by the way through Renton our plans, right? Like no more big rallies no more in person events for for at least a couple of months. So you know we're getting creative we're doing a lot of. Zoom events, skype events. But now just starting to get back out there you know doing we're going door to door were knocking on doors were meeting people were doing backyard, meet and greets everything's outside. Everybody can say spread out the name of this game is to meet the people be there by in for the people in represent them. So that's what we're GONNA do we're GONNA work our? Opponent from now until election day and just continue to fundraise outraged in the second quarter. It's really difficult for challenger to outrage incumbent but we did it and that's a testament to the people that are on board with this movement contributing to my campaign ultimately. Alek I'm just a small part of this man like you know I'm very small part of a much larger movement and you know It's a blessing. It's a blessing to even have the opportunity to serve again, it really is, and so we're just going to keep working hard from now until election day give this district people definitely fun to watch I bring it back to you is a down year. What what would you say the top values that you're hoping to instill in your kids as they grow up Your Sean? You know hard work and perseverance I, try to teach them to be positive been sometimes sometimes that's not easy. Man I. Think People Forget how difficult it is to be a kid you know and all the stressors that they that we faced in school I gotta tell you bro Thank God. We not have social media grown up. I mean can you imagine I mean it's just everything right now is immensely more complicated for kids are expected to grow up far faster than we were and this pandemic. I feel bad for everything was taken away from their friends, their sports, their school. And you know the pandemic is sort of esoteric concept of virus out there could get you sick in the kids are like. WanNa play sports there's their little right and so have a difficult time understanding. So for me being positive the understanding and recognition that life throws you curve balls right and you just have to keep swinging for the fences you have to keep working hard you have to keep trying because you know staying positive That will allow you to do some truly extraordinary things in this world. If you just put your nose to the grindstone, stay focused on the mission and ultimately getting the job done, it will pay dividends in this country. Yet very well said, and and the last thing going to hit you with Sean is the third time hitting you on and you probably touch on a little bit there with your last statement. What advice do you have in the new dad or for that about to be father WHO's out there listening I'll tell you people, people ask people ask me all the time. What's what's what's more difficult one kid or two kids with the transition right one to two to three and I always say zero to one man like you know you go from no kids a complete lifestyle shift to you drive down to the hospital with two people right and two days later drive home with three. Act just happened to my like. But my advice to new dads is just enjoy it. Love it. You know because it just seems like yesterday I was hold my oldest kid he's eleven hold my oldest kids in my arm just like looking at him thinking I cannot believe him dad love every second it used to hear my parents say, Hey, while you're my grandparents well, they grow up so quickly and I? Used to laugh at that, it's so cliche but there's a reason why it's it's Cliche. It's true. Enjoy the time with your little kids. You know do everything you can to spend real quality time with them. You know because those are the moments that they're going to remember and they're going to build. They're they're going to they're going to build their life upon those memories so. Just. Take brass you now and do everything. You can to spend time with and be win truly be with your kids because that that will pay off that will pay off in the long run and you don't get that time back with them. Yeah. Very well, say one true Patriot available now is in the description of the podcast episode candidate, Sean, Parnell? Congressman Sean Parnell you DADS out there Pennsylvania going to hit the polls get Sean Parnell elected. This has been an honor for me. Show I. Love having you on the podcast. Thank you so much your first class father. Thank you so much. You give me a few minutes time here. I fathered kidding me we'll. We'll do it again. Next year I love being here with you thanks Bro..

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