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He flipped cd. Lamb at amari cooper. You mentioned mark. Cuban starting training on the active in other words. He can come at any time and begin. Practicing mark had ankle surgery. Way back in january. This is not a michael. Thomas situation where he waited to have surgery until june amari cooper had ankle surgery way back in january. A markers eighty obviously going to dip. Especially with the hyper on cd lamb right now. Cdrom who almost exclusively played slot last year now is getting moved all over the formation. Not too worried about amari. Cooper's ankle the cowboys don't seem worried at all. It seemed like the plan. The whole time was let him sit out these first couple weeks. So if there's an adp downgrade mark cooper and he starts going six seven. Ten picks later than cd lamb. I think mark cuban will be a really really good pig. But you flip number. You've left them pretty close together. You're on the clock. Now you prefer lamb over cooper but again we could see the adp gap really wide. Yeah and the fact. That cd lamb was almost strictly a slot receiver last year. Now they're moving around the formation letting him play outside a little more that's gonna contribute contribute positively to his playing time because he was only about a sixty sixty five percent player last year and i think now he has a chance to be like an eighty percent player in their offense expecting to leap from stevie lamb. Great run after catch. You know really. High percentage weapon in a great offense. These are the kind of picks. I really really like high floor. High upside selections and cd lamb now. Essentially taking over for where michael thomas was. Michael thomas was previously the wide receiver. Ten now cd lamb is the wide receiver ten. Didn't move mark cooper down necessarily and if you remember a couple years ago. He missed almost all training camp with plant. A platter fasciitis concern. People were worried about him. He wound up being fine entering the season. I think he's going to be fine and we're still ahead of adp on him at wide receiver. Eleven by the way. I don't i have thirty something season-long prop bets that i've taken right now. You can find them all on the site. And i've taken maybe like three or four overs. Only at that something cdrom over one thousand yards was one of the ones that i did. Take so big time for cd. Lamb this year We talked about saquon. Plenty last time just wanted to make another note here sake. One is down to our be in your top one fifty at him as our before. I mean we've been talking about this way back. Since jordan ron on came on the podcast and talked about how he thought and he was hearing. That sake won't be eased back in so hopefully you guys were head of this move. I expected him to be eased. But still let's say he only gets fifteen touches in week one. Is that really the end of the world so i. I think there's some more risky. Maybe it's more seriously leading on my gut instinct though is still there trying to under sell saquon health so that it looks like he's more of a hero when he was back. There's no reason to let everybody know that he's healthy right now etc etc. I think he's healthier than their what they're letting on right now but i really that. There's some risk in round. One opportunity cost so i don't mind if people wanna pass but yeah you have down to rb. You're on the clock. How are you thinking about saquon. When you're pick like seven eight nine right now. I mean he's not comfortable. Pick right now. And i think he does belong right now at the end of the first round. Maybe if we start to get some more positive reports Training camp progresses who move up. Ill start to inch back up the rankings. But right now. I think he belongs really on the the first second round fringe and it's not just the injury. It is also the offensive environment. They didn't do a whole lot to address their offensive line. You know they're bringing back jason garrett there was never any thought it seemed like for them to look into a more progressive offensive coordinator. And when you combine those two those two Risk factors the injury in the offensive in the potentially negative offensive environment You know. I think he's risking off the. That's that's where he belongs is at the to turn that okay. This de'andre hopkins thing. You know i i. Don't you move deandra hopkins from wide receiver three to wide receiver. Four behind cavalierly. Obviously not a big deal. I prefer cavalry lee anyways. But i didn't wanna talk about the kovin stuff. Because i think obviously if someone is unvaccinated they're at risk of missing more games to be clear on the rules of a vaccine player this year test positive if a vaccinated player test positive he can clear protocol with two negative tests. Twenty four hours apart immediately. Rejoined the team after that. But if an unvaccinated player test positive he must sit out for ten gays so unvaccinated players running risks that they're going to miss ten full days if they're vaccinated. They can come back in twenty four hours forty eight hours every joined the team right away. So yes there is a lot more risk in drafting on vaccination players that said deandre hopkins said well. I didn't know if i was going to get it. Is he going to update us when he gets it. I have no idea. I have no idea if guys are lying. Guys haven't come public. We don't know cavalierly never said anything about it. We don't know if he's unvaccinated or vaccine so my concern with adjusting the rankings for this vaccine unvaccinated stuff is. I just don't know. I don't know if they're coaches. Convinced them to get it if they got pissed off with all the protocols and they went and got the vaccine. I have no idea so. I don't love justin the rankings for it. That said i agree with you. Really should be ahead of the andre hopkins anyways but. Yeah that's my take on the backside on back that stuff right now. I'm not sure how much that played into you. Moving hopkins behind earlier. Not yeah i mean it did. And i'm not gonna make a habit or try to not make a habit of adjusting players based on you know based on this factor But you know when you're on the clock and you are in position to you know you're you're staring at these guys. Davante adams calvin ridley de'andre hopkins. Why wouldn't you take calvin radio. Demonte adams ahead of john hopkins. When you don't have this this concern And they're they're you know so close anyways. I think you just go with the player that you think presents less risk and still still maintains that big time upside to finish the number one overall receiver in fantasy. And so. that's why the move was made. Yeah i i will say for props i am baking it a little bit of the covy vaccine stuff because you know like when things are close in projection. I'm just like it's under his such a strong bat. And so i have under bad guys. Kobe xlii and deandre hopkins and ty hilton already. It's just one more reason to be on unders if you think one positive test and they miss ten days immediately come were small things before we get out of here. Anthony miller was traded to houston shawn watson stuff also but anyways i on the chicago side. You moved d'arno mooney from wide receiver fifty six to wide receiver. Forty-eight darnall mooney got a lot of air yards last year. He did not capitalize on those air yards whatsoever could have been due to quarterback play certainly could have been and maybe we'll get better quarterback play this year but yeah these empty guys like denzel moms and darnall mooney. I hear you. I like it. I like it in theory. I don't know if darnall mooney can do it impracticality. But i like the idea of it. I know a lot of people are definitely on darn l. Moody talk to the people of about him and moving him up. I think that what happened here. Is that with anthony. Miller out of the picture. It solidified darnall mooney. Is the clear cut number. Two receiver behind alan robinson. Anthony miller was a slot receiver. And i think now alan robinson is going to play more in the slot where he's been really really good in matt nagy shown a willingness to to move them into the slot museum in in mismatch situations and darnall mooney is gonna again collect a ton of air yards and hopefully justin fields could get in there. One of the best attributes..

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