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Hey, it's heath mulligan from the double drop kick show, the SOS custom wrestling network and the Carolinas Georgia wrestling spotlight, and as we get ready for this weekend show, April thirteenth for vowel. Pro wrestling in Thomson, Georgia I want to bring you my rankings for the first quarter two thousand nine hundred nine in vowel pro wrestling. So let's go over the tag team division. I got three teams. I wanna talk about first of all number two three. This is a team that has done well wherever they have competed, and that is the gymnastics boys. They found themselves number three very close and third-place number two. It is the team that will be challenging the hierarchy for the vowel per wrestling tag team titles as Saturday night. It's wait Adams and James Johnson. Wade Adams and Johnson compete in singles competition back in February. And as part of the stipulation when atoms loss he is now. Forced to team with Johnson. And not only that they are receiving a shot at the Val Peress Ling tag team titles, and that will go down this Saturday night. Of course, the champion's longtime champions of all pro wrestling is the hierarchy and so Adam Adams and Johnson are going to have their work cut out for don't forget also in tag team in the tag team division. The monster squad. They have made numerous appearances in bow pro wrestling Joshua cut shell coming off of injury. So keep your eye out for them in the future. In the singles competition. This is a very very difficult. Okay. This is all my opinion. This is not as not meant as a slight to anybody. This was very difficult to come up with. To come up with the top five. Now, I'm going to tell you the top two or easy because they're champions. But the other three not only hard to whittle it down to three competitors. But to rank them in any particular order, so number five is the man who just fell short in February for the voucher wrestling heavyweight championship. And because of that he cannot challenge Darius Lockhart for that championship. Again. He has the wait until there's a new champion. But because of his passing says, oh and night innards my rankings at number five number four is a guy who did not compete in February. But he made his presence known, and he has a huge match coming up this Saturday someone who's been successful bio pro wrestling before he said success and other places, and it is saieed also by one of the most. Unique wrestlers today one of the most innovative offensive wrestlers, and he will take on slim. Jay this Saturday, which is kind of a dream match. In a lot of fans is an minds number three. Again. This is someone who did not compete Aboukir wrestling in February. But when I take his recent victories involved pro wrestling, when I take what he's done in other places when I think about his proximity perhaps avow perecent when I take in all the factors. Okay. It's got to be Joey Lynch, Joey Lynch had an amazing two thousand eighteen and he comes in at number three. Now before I get to the top two. They're not going to be any surprises anybody because again, they're the champions. They have earned those rankings. But you have to think about guys like drew Adler, very close, very hard. Not to put jhu Adler and top fat because you take what he's done other places, but has he been able to translate that into success Alpa wrestling. Well, he and Kevin Ray the champions from power meadow championship breslin will take on Sean legacy and a partner of his choosing on Saturday night. So we'll see if drew Adler and Kevin ranking in the win column back in February. Kevin Ray lost by count out to my number two in the rankings and. That is the outbreak champion shown legacy legacy. And Ray went at it. Kevin Ray walked out left the arena. And when Sean legacy followed him out, drew Adler jumped him in the back, of course, number one in my rankings for our pro wrestling is the vowel pro heavyweight champion and other than Darius Lockhart. Now, there's lot car will not be competing about pro this Saturday due to a previous commitment, but survival is going to be a phenomenal car as there are numerous numerous matches qualifying matches for the garden city. Classic on may eleventh. You can check out all the action for vow pro wrestling on the SOS, custom wrestling network, SOS, custom network dot com. You can check out really all their shows from the past year and us after watching those matches you can decide. You know, whether you agree with my rankings or not and right now, you can get your first month. It's the regular price is only four nine right now, you can get forty percent off that price. You can get your first month for only ninety nine when you use the code to nine nine at checkout. This SOS custom network dot com. Again, you can find not just all the action from brow pro wrestling. But a lot of the great action from the southeast and a lot of old wrestling from the Pittsburgh area. It is it's the best forty nine four nine ninety four ninety nine in wrestling goodness got tongue tied. Hey, don't forget. You can also subscribe to this podcast. You can subscribe to us. Maybe you're watching this on YouTube. You can subscribe to is there. Maybe you're listening on I tunes Stitcher radio. You can also subscribe it that will drop kick dot com, and you can get all my dates and rankings as I follow the great promotions from SOS custom wrestling network and beyond and I'll be going through all of our promotions. And doing my. First quarter rankings for all of them. But I would love to hear back from you. So wherever you're watching this or listen to this you can comment if you watching Facebook absolutely comment there, let us know what you think I would love to hear your rankings again. Like, I said so much great talent Enviro, bowel pro wrestling. It's hard to keep up, and it's definitely hard to write him in any sort of or. So let's talk about the tag teams, again gymnastics boys, wait Adams and James Johnson and the hierarchy and then in a singles division Owen night. Save ouseba, Joey Lynch, your outbreak champion, Sean legacy. And number one Darius Lockhart of our pro wrestling, heavy weight champion. Hey, hopefully, you can be out there. Thompson Georgia this weekend. It is going to be a great show. But as always for the double drop kick show, that's the Wisconsin wrestling network and the Carolinas Georgia wrestling spot. I'm he's milking. We'll see you next time.

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