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Power mornings here, Donald Trump. I really need your help. Teddy is getting on my last night. So little, Yeah, he tweeted Donald Trump because he's asking for some help He actually tweeted at Donald Trump. My friend called a black deserves to be commuted. The system punished him way too hard for a paperwork. Crime hashtag three Kodak now, a lot of people on Twitter actually asking him. Hey, lo. Yeah. Did you hope for Donald Trump? Because of not that don't ask Compression E. This is awesome. Because of my friend. Teddy was in jail. I'd be asking for you know some help to get him out, too, which is hilarious. Everybody's been making fun of Trump for years. And now you want to solid Now you want a favor? Koda is going to sit for a long time. And he's in there for criminal gun possession, which is that they don't play around Melissa. When? When you get caught, He said it was paperwork. No. Okay, so he lied to get it is still illegal. He okay? He puts that's the gun and legally which is that so? Hold that gonna stay for a minute. Goodfellow Jati man writing for his homie that I expect you to do the same thing. I would, Teddy, I would. Now One thing I'm definitely doing for sure is waiting for Drake to drop his new album. He has been threatening us telling us that it's going to come at the beginning of the year. Well, guess what? Poppy is the beginning of the year. And actually, there was a song that was leaked. Lucky lefty, he said someone was canceled. But I got plans is where my advance to see his ladies this June. July away all the cancer said, Show me your hands. Even if you ain't a cancer dog, your hand cities because most of your cancer risk Michael B. Jordan call you right now. You have surrender. Even if you got a man in love you, you scandalous. You're gonna take the chances. Okay. Drake.

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