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She's the new record on the beep. Church. It is. She is a little potty mouth. I just can't wait for the warriors to go to Atlanta. We're going get them courtside. I want her her her husband to go at dream on. That could be the Belgian with that cough if they go back, And how would people like hide the women and Children? Shit? She went off. And I love when they always say just minding my own business. Yeah, minding my own business without 10 drinks in you, and that's what it always is. It plus the people who think that they buy a seat and it and it gives them some sort of a privilege to the verbally. A cost somebody that's ridiculous. Well under normal circumstances that is allowed and it happens all the time. But when you have only Was a 1341 wherever the attendance was 13 41 Then his voice is gonna echo more and abroad you to hear it more. So you're gonna have his interactions. I mean, It is what it is with the fans. But I think the bigger issue is And as far as I saw the parties involved are all African Americans. So there was no racial epitaphs that are being spewed, right? I mean, she was what I think he was. She was your husband were white. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I like him. I saw a picture of them Don't really dwell on our show. Was there anything racially motivated in this doesn't sound like it. It doesn't sound like there was anything I don't think either side accused the other. I think it was just good old fashioned, you know, back and forth type of thing, and LeBron seemed to be fine with it. Like I said after the game until the woman You can tell, maybe was over served until the woman jumped in, and that's where I think LeBron had the problem. I give him a ton of credit for For afterwards, saying when he said that you know the guy and I've got into it. It was fine. They shouldn't got kicked out. But then you could tell his tone change a little bit. And why? Because we just heard from the woman and she doesn't seem all that stable. Well, I mean, she's a paying customer. What you gonna do? The bigger issue to me would be the Players Association and Michele Roberts in the league itself. You know, the whole thing is, we're going through a pandemic to have courtside people there. Served them alcoholic beverages and then have them engaged like this, where she did a mass. But she wasn't wearing a property she wore like a necklace and she shelling out LeBron James. So if LeBron James somehow comes down with coded Let's go back and contact, trace and see how it happened. So they're a little inconsistent there with the court side. So this is to me. Is more of a league issue. You know how you gonna deal with this going forward Because you don't want this kind of situation or nearly it's fine. It's just tackling that got a little out of hand but to do in the middle of a pandemic when You're asking your players toe, you know, basically go into the bubble. Another traveling think there's gotta be more consistency there. The other thing, too, is there's been issues when there was an issue is it last year with Westbrook and Utah? There's been a number of issues and you just hate to see from a perceptual standpoint of the very least, tow have fans finally back in the in the stands. And then they have this kind of a thing happened. It's just like you said. It's a bad look, and it's a bad look. Is she screaming without a mask on just the whole thing? I have no idea to be. Honestly, anybody was able to sit that close. And you pointed this out earlier at the NFL, Even they brought fans up. They had it, You know, quarantined off that they couldn't get that close. I'm surprised that they're allowing it. But every county is different, I guess. And this happened in Blue Georgia. It's George's turn. Blue Georgia Blue Georgia. That is your foreplay. A couple from George Kittle. A couple from the LeBron James situation in Atlanta last night, the courtside hecklers Next We haven't much of the Warriors today. James Wiseman is out. What does that mean for the warriors in the short term, the long term and they've got a big one tonight. Against the Celtics were gonna do it next time here on the SportsCenter. Take papa and learn to the house your house. Listen to these sports leader on your Amazon Echo. Smart speaker Just say play K NPR. This traffic.

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