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Car insurance only Haggerty has the expect for teas and passion to protect your Clark at Haggerty dot com slash east or with your local agent. I'm Danielle developer talkradio six ADC VM role. It's another day, downpours thunderstorms rolling up from the south west forests and scattered storms through Thursday and Friday. Also this weekend. We catch a bit of a break in a way fall kit is muggy out there to seventy two. Grease, our low tonight and high tomorrow of I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrie. More from the Weather Channel for six eighty now keeping you connected with the latest news, this is talk radio, six PM, and wcbMcom. Good afternoon. Michael Philip Elliott six eighty WCBS Maryland. the news at five thirty one brought to you by a builder in home improvements one eight hundred seven eight seven s._a._v._e. or online at a as dot u._s. virginia national guard sergeant is accused of stealing world war two era dog tags from the national archives and records administration in maryland twenty nine year old robert rooms via fredericksburg virginia has an august fourteenth trial date at the federal courthouse in greenbelt the body of a missing traveling surgical technician from texas working at the enron no medical center has been found twenty five year old stephanie or donato's found dead in the seven walmart parking lot just after midnight just days before her disappearance she had filed a police report against a man who she said was stalking her a twenty year old nineteen sixty three murder victim finally identified after six decades thanks to new cutting edge technology the body of roger hurn kelso was found in nineteen eighty-five by a construction crew clearing ground to build the marley station mall kelso was a nineteen sixty one graduate of glen burnie high school police urge anyone with information about his death or killer to call them The Trump administration expects new coal fired power plants to open as a result of major new regulatory changes Environmental Protection Agency, chief Andrew Wheeler says, he expects that increase in coal plants as a result of the repeal of the Obama era clean power plan. It eighty four degrees reporting five thirty two. I'm Michael Phillip L, E six eighty WC VM news, liberal here when.

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