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UI manning inspect years being a veteran quarterback in the NFL crafting very carefully worded answers by that. But for him in the guys in the locker room, this has to feel great for that group of people who has heard comments about their effort overall the coaching staff. And Pat Shurmur if he's the right guy for the job. Manning the face of that franchise for the better part of the last decade now being questioned not only about his future with the team. But what he can still offer you now and last night. We got a glimpse of that. Now. It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination nineteen of thirty one for one hundred and eighty eight yards but three touchdowns for you lie manning last night, including a pair to Odell Beckham junior and that had been the conversation going into the game. The giants managed to rack up a lot of yards and just not a lot of points at this point and managed to change that and do it in a timely fashion. But sitting there because I come in this morning and Allie who produces the show is a giants fan, and I'm a fan of sport. And watching that ending in a game where I can't believe I watched the entire game between the Niners, and the giants band is that a lot more about me than it. Does about anyone on that field. But I watched the end of that game. And I watched that final drive that was littered with penalties. And really a lackluster game winning drive of sorts. But it still felt good knowing everything that we've been saying about Eli to look all right? You know, what that old line actually held up a little bit and protection last night. And we got to see Eli go down there and get them win again in a way that mattered. And then I remembered it's against the Nick Molins led forty Niners that are all of two eight right now. And I thought man. Were the slowest person were, you know, not the slowest person out running the bear at this point. And then I thought about all right? What does this mean for this team going forward? Because right now maxing out this team's potential, which we can hear Oto Beckham junior giants wide receiver talked about with the crew after Steve Young Suzy kolber. Louis Riddick about getting the most out of this team's potential nights. Like tonight. It's you.

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