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I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. For NPR music, you're connected to all songs, considered I'm bob boyland. So last week I played new music from sylvan esso, the duo of Amelia meathe and Nick Sanborn, and I told you there'd be a new project from Amelia meets. Well, that project is out. It's called the a's. And it's a duo of Amelia, and the other a is Alexandra south monarch. Together, they were part of the haunting folk trio mountain man. Well, the a's continued that love of twisting traditional folk music with new original sounds and a song called he needs me. Here's Alexandra salza Monica. We chose to use he needs me as the lead single off of our forthcoming album fruit because it's cartoonish nature and having been written for the soundtrack of Popeye, which is such a beautiful real life cartoon. Just made sense because it felt like the nature of our record exists wholly within this one song. It's beautiful, it's full of strange noises. Made out of sounds like the Tapping of a hand on the bottom of a metal water bottle or the brushing of a hand against nylon shorts or my voice pitched down to be a sluggish strange baseline. I want to know I knew it once I knew he needed me. Until the day I died I won't know why I knew he needed me..

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