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C. mobile news all the level on the go she says it totals more than three trillion dollars a mostly cloudy sky forty degrees on monument circle I'm John Herrick here's what's trending at six thirty one Democrat house speaker Nancy Pelosi pitching a nother corona virus economic relief bill Tuesday afternoon heroes that focuses on three pillars opening our economy safely and soon honoring our heroes and then putting much needed money into the pockets of the American people pelo see call the ongoing coronavirus crisis the biggest catastrophe in U. S. history the democratic bill provides more money for state and local governments rent and mortgage relief hazard pay for front line workers and expanded mail in voting programs the house could consider the bill Friday warnings from Dr Anthony found she on the White House coronavirus taskforce handing on the dynamics of an outbreak in a particular region state city or area that would really determine the speed and the pace with which one does re enter or re open during a Senate hearing Tuesday found she was asked about students returning to campuses in the late summer and early fall he said it's unrealistic to think that a corona virus treatment or vaccine will be available calling it a bridge too far cracking down on companies the feds say are selling fake corona virus treatments fox's Joe NATO reports one of the firm's his son Jerry pretty warm healing and what they call covert nineteen cough syrup then there's fusion health and vitality with its product immune shot as well as honey colonies quick Silverlight boasts a moral vitamin C. there is currently no FDA approved treatment or cure for cove in nineteen in many of these companies may face sanctions in Washington chill NATO fox news police officers in Indianapolis will be getting body cameras that announcement made by mayor Joe Hogsett in Indianapolis Tuesday that the city will be spending one point two million dollars it already been approved by the city county council to be used for those cameras but in the fraternal order of police president Rick Snyder says that money will not be enough Krispy Kreme is giving the class of twenty twenty a sweet treat for free they've created the graduate doesn't it includes chocolate strawberry in cake batter filled doughnuts along with the.

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