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On your personality he knows how to cute so if you're a guy they can't deal with being criticized and he's not gonna do what he's gonna parents you wanna but if you're a guy that needs to be jumped on they'll do that even though we jump on me so matter what the plan against seattle seahawks coastal one of yours i warned you get two hundred yards like her immediate about six more your caesars windsor it looked at me said in china will lose games or there's only one shoe a out i'll i'll never forget a that moment it's a veto 'cause you know i come here that arizona in you know it was about changing the culture about changing what we believe in what we were trying to accomplish and what was most important 'em an you know is a time period win seattle was pretty good with matt hasselbeck in kind of owned or division and we were trying to to take that next step in become that team a you know that would you know kind of own the division for awhile and so we're up in seattle a we're beat him late in the game in a yeah i remember you know one of the coaches came over to me first and said hey you know larry's he's close to a hundred yards in you know once again another ball over a hundred in i couldn't believe it i'm like here we are trying to just change this thing and get a win in in larry once they get two hundred yards so i became a little piece of my mind a whip and as i said it wasn't so much the point of yeah i didn't care if we got a hundred yards that in carefully through its delivery one more time it was simply just the mindset at that point in the game is that i want guys to forget about v individual at that point and you wanna think about what do we need to do to finish this game in get where were trying to go in and you know there's no better opportunities as a leader and then when one of your other leaders like larry i mean everybody looked up to larry and rightfully so the he plays the game the way he carries himself the face of the franchise in arizona but that was one of those opportunities that i saw when i was there and it's like oh this is perfect you know no vents the larry 'cause i know where it's gonna go out and do his job and is not necessarily a selfish office player but with a great opportunity to go okay let's use larry as an example so every young guy standing on the bench you know everybody that here's this story knows okay this is more about it doesn't matter if you're larry fitzgerald or fourth guy on the depth chart as a wide receiver it's not about the individual ever it's about what we're trying to accomplish is a team and i thought lyria mentioned something else early in that that soundbite when he said it's understanding how to talk to different people timmy leadership is not okay it's it's cookie cutter well this is how i leave this is what i'm going to do in each and every situation i don't think that's the case when you've got fifty two other guys in the locker room and everybody comes from a different place and everybody is motivated a different way leadership becomes about getting to know all of those individuals and what makes them tick how you're gonna get the best out of that individual and it might not be the same and you know what i realized about larry larry hated to be called out in front of his teammates yeah that was the one thing you know you wanna be that model guy always you know did the things the right way and so i always knew with larry that if i wanted him to change something that never do it again call amount of meeting column out in front of the young guys in and he hated it but what i knew he was gonna go fix it because he didn't wanna get a you know i kinda cold out that same way and then i had other receivers and other guys that i played with that you almost had the make every idea seemed like it was their idea you know go have a conversation where the put your arm around him and then eventually they would give you one of them they wanted them to get to and it was like oh man that is a great idea why don't you go do that from now on but they took ownership of it and when they took ownership of it you know they they were gonna go out and do that to the best of their ability in so that is a big part of leadership in my opinion especially in a locker room is figuring out what makes all these different guys pick and then pushing whatever that button is to make sure you get the best out of her final question for me i think you're the perfect person the answer this when you look at quarterback in the nfl landscape please explain to me what is the differences between a system quarterback in a franchise quarterback 'em well i mean first of all a i think all quarterbacks are system quarterback you know i mentioned it earlier that i got into the system with mike martz that just fit me to see you know i went to new york and you guys will know as well as anybody everybody thought it was awful lot like this guy can't play anymore but i found myself in a system that just didn't fit what i did now we found ways to win and make plays here and there but just didn't fit my skill set it in you know i often say this how many great quarterbacks do you know that if played and had great success in multiple systems i mean you could maybe count on one hand and a lot of a a lot of you would vary and go well maybe in a different place but they still ran the same type of system in that different place in it just doesn't happen because great quarterbacks are great because they find a system that place to their strengths and so that's why i believe all quarterbacks are a system quarterback is that you know you could give me a play in the west coast alvie could give three quarterbacks a place in the west coast offense in one quarterback would love it the next guy goes it's okay i could use it and then third guy go i hate that play i don't wanna run that play ever and it's a great way for the right guy but you have to find what fits you and so so i would start by saying i think all franchise quarterbacks are system quarterback back they they they play better with in a particular system and if they could find that system in stay in it you're going to see greatness you know drew brees tom brady i mean the list can go along with these guys stayed in one place for a long time they developed a system around themselves in that's why they were able to be great i mean i would never create a system or wanna stay in a system that didn't play to my strengths and you'd be swimming upstream all the time but then you know we all know there's also some quarterbacks that are franchise guys are guys that can carry the team with their right arm that could benefit from being in a great system being around great players having great coaches at put them in positions to succeed but never get to that point of being franchise type guy but i'm a firm believer that every quarterback is a system quarterback every great quarterback finds themselves great because they're surrounded by great players great coaches but they're in a system that fits what they do kurt last question for me we have we have a lot of decision makers around the nfl general managers a personnel director is a lot of scouts as well a lot of people that look to the shoulder aspiring scouts and wanna go in that field so if you're gonna give all these evaluators at the position you played at a hall of fame level if you could just giving one piece of advice when evaluating this position what would it be yeah i mean you guys know it's so hard to give one piece of advice for this position a but if i if i was giving them i mean one piece of i'm gonna give it to abide by the first one is always going to be how do they play in the moment how do they play in the biggest moment because to me of all the traits you want in a quarterback the biggest one is we need when we need him to make that throw for that play or that drive in that moment kenny do it in not everybody can do that so that's the first thing i would look at it look at those moments in games in their career and how did they play in the moment and then the second thing is i think it all comes down to decision making in decision making can be twofold for me it can be you know touchdowns interceptions as we see the the russell wilson aaron rodgers and how well they protect the football so they very seldom put their team in harm's way but i think this is you're making is also be ability to see and make the labs ability to make those throws they're supposed to make almost every time 'cause if you get a quarterback that can do that and could protect the football for you you're gonna be in a lot of games with opportunities to win you couple that with quarterbacks play well in the moment and then you're gonna have a chance me a championship team you're in you're out oh i have one question before you run one of the things i was thinking of were were were always just for my own personal sake but we're always trying to when you're talking to coaches and try and find out these you know as a kid loves you put in the time as he is he doing all these extra work 'em most guys you played was would you would you produce a notebook like when they're when you're watching tape throughout the week would you keep track of that particular no because one of the things i'm thinking of is a quarterback tells you hey i love the process and all that stuff okay well you're coming out here once you bring you know put you kept during the year i'd like to just look you know you kept yeah i i didn't necessarily have no books but like for me the way that i prepared every week was i mean we had or or game plan so i would have my doubts on my game plan but then i drew up every single play that was ever put in the game plan on my own you know someone they were the first and second down stuff i would draw up every play i mean sometimes be a hunter plays that withdrawal up you know i'd ride in my house i ride in my notes i'd ride in what i was doing on every covered so i always had notes 'em you know everything within are often say and that's what i i always find it fascinating when people say do you enjoy the process you because to me there's so many different things that go into that what does that mean like i didn't enjoy going out and dropping back a hundred times you know i i didn't enjoy that part of it you know and they all season of when i was a pro i very seldom picked up a football you know so i wasn't out there because the one thing i knew is i know how to throw a football i'm not gonna forget how to be accurate with the football so what i did is i went and played basketball or i went and worked my feet and i did the things that i wasn't necessarily good at in the off season so i think enjoying the process convene so many different things.

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