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Yeah I think about like a boat on a on a lake if you just dropped a rock into a lake then what happens you get. Ripples ripples move out from the Rock uh-huh but if you drop a series of rocks then you get a series of ripples now imagine you're dropping a series of rocks but you're moving faster than the ripples then you end up with this week behind the boat for example. That's why if you drive a boat quickly you get a wake behind the boat because you're moving faster than the waves that remade by your boot. And and they're building up their building up on top of each other and you're saying that that happens with light. Yeah and the same thing happens in the air if you move faster than the speed of sound and you get a sonic boom. It's like a wake in the air. All those sounds are adding up together to make you the this one big wave so all the noise of the airplane airplane from one second ago in two seconds ago and five seconds ago all arriving at the same time. Because it's moving faster than the sound is making like it's moving faster than the light can and get out of your way and so you sort of accumulate a whole bunch of air in front of you. That's kind of what the sonic boom is that the sonic boom is and you hear it when that wake washes ashes over you. If you're on the surface now the cool thing is if you move faster than light than you moving faster than the image that you make okay. So this is like an optic boom. Oh yeah like aluminum bloom. I don't know you should come up with a name for it but if that sounds like something you'd use in production election of a movie so I guess pay me through this. I'm you on or some other radio active particle in a moving through glass and a moving faster than light. So any light that you admit you are leaving it behind. And then if a second later you emit more light you're also leaving that behind so now the light is sort of spreading Out Behind you just the way a boat would when it's moving across the surface of a lake you moving faster than the light you're making as just the same way about makes awake or an airplane going faster than the speed of sound makes a sonic boom which is just a wake in the air. You're making a wake of light weight. I guess I'm not quite sure understanding understanding so let's say I wasn't going faster than light so I'm gone. I'm going through glass slowly. I hit a piece of glass and I- amid photon right. That's kind of what happens. And so that the Photon Just flies up in front of me or what you know if you're moving slower than light like most of his do most days than the any image you make any light you emit leaves you and you don't catch up to it right right and it's gone in front of me and God behind me. You emit light light in all directions right. You're not like a black hole on one side wins a nuance or similar. They can emit light any directions and when they move to a medium. They tend to radiate a little bit Okay when they emit light light sort of in every direction so imagine like circular wavefront leaving this mu on those photons shot out in every direction from you on but now the mmu on overtakes the ones that were going in the direction it was going and it makes another way front leading it. So this is like dropping another rock in the lake and that one adds adds up to the photons made previously and then it gets it catches up to those and passes those and makes another one and so add these ripples get larger and larger they adept this wavefront in that way front is the luminol bloom or more. Whatever you WANNA call it This week in light that it's making and that is the blue glow. Oh and because of the way they add up because the moon is going so fast it tends to happen more often at bluer frequencies and so it actually emits a turn off radiation at a whole spectrum of frequencies. You just mostly see the blue part because it happens more often in the blue range and so that's what trink off radiation is The the sonic boom for light. And that's what you're seeing when you look at a nuclear reactor you're seeing electrons that are kicked off from new from radioactive decay from nuclear reactions. Reaction's going faster than light Chan in that water or in that material that they're sitting Because they're getting kicked out really fast they're gonNA kick that really fast faster in life can go through whatever material they're sitting in I see a normal electrons like if I just want a current some water not recommended in your your bathtub but if I just cost short in like a body of water I wouldn't get this blue globe. You need electrons to be going really fast and and the same way if you took those same really fast electrons and you teleported them into space. You had that reaction happens base. You wouldn't get the blue glow. Because the blue glow only comes from beating the speed of those photons in that material and some vacuum. You can't be disputed. Those materials because in these nuclear reactions usually have these fuel rods embedded in some material to capture the energy etc to cool it than the electrons can go faster than the photons do through that cooling material which is usually some special kind of water because the industry in the nuclear reactor. It's it the electricity shooting off really really fast which is causing then the if that's what the water is four right. It's slow down the electric enough. I think so yeah. It gathers the energy from the neutrons electrons fly off and also I think it keeps the fuel rods from getting too hot and going critical from extensive research and watching in watching Scher Noble. From extensive. Research Watching Watchmen and Dr Manhattan and you can conclude that it is possible for a God to fall in love with a woman that's right and you know it really is true in real life that nuclear reactors glow blue. And I think that's why people associate that color with nuclear reactions. That's probably why. The artist for watchmen made Dr Manhattan Globe. Blue interesting and you. You've seen this with your own eyes. You do you like the tub of water glowing blue. Yeah you can go down the basement. One of the chemistry buildings here at UC Irvine have a working nuclear reactor and you can just look at any glows blue. Anyone from the street can just walk into nuclear reactor tell him Dana White's incentives details into the blue water and that sounds totally save. No you can't is down. You have to arrange a tour. And it's limited to thinks students in this. The SPF here at UCI which is awesome arranges a tour were of the nuclear reactor every year for the physics Grad students and undergrads. And so I- tagged along one time. All right so that's pretty cool that we can beat light in a foot race. I guess. Listen if you're ever inside with material and so that's pretty good bragging rights and also it's nice to just flaunt the loss of expect. Does that feel good. It does it does feel good to say you thought you can limit us. You can get what we want. Humanity can out lawyer U universe. We are better lawyers than you. It's like when your parents said no more than two cookies and then you eat ice cream instead and you said well you didn't say anything about ice cream adversarial. I'm sure your parents love. It was like the university hypothetical situation all right. So then what is it a besides Nice Blue Glow and sit of bragging rights. What what can we use this effect for.

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