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Welcome to the show on radio. I'm your host Ardmore. Now, there's an animal shelter admit the Solta with almost a ninety seven percent placement rate for all the animals who come to their center. Now, that's quite a high percentage. But as you will learn on today's show, the people at this shelter are also Trail Blazers in the quest to bring out the best pets under their care and improve their chances at landing forever homes now here to discuss taking a novel approach to shelter design at the animal humane society in Saint Paul Minnesota. We have Dr Graham Brayshaw say, hi, Dr Graham. Hello. Hello. Hello and behavioral live Hagan. Hey live. How you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks for having us. All right now, folks, raise your PA. If that great head on your lap for next to you right now as you're listening to the show came from a shelter now as I say this I'm raising both hands because pet safety dog Kona and pet safe. The cat Casey are a pair of shelter alums who I adore. You can get great pets from shelters. So I want you all to call your pet over and get ready to discover what the shelter in Minnesota's doing to break, the mold not the mole bike remould structure, mold and boost adoption rates. But first we have to pay for the show. So we gotta take a commercial break, you know, the drill sit and stay. We'll be right back. Time for a pause four very ones, actually, sit and stay behave. We'll be right back. Molly. Here's.

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