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Believe me. It actually listens to you. Just say Alexa, play WBZ NewsRadio on the iheartradio app. Lawmakers and Oregon reach a settlement with several women who say they were sexually harassed at the state capital investigation into sexual harassment at the Oregon state capital started. When state Senator Sarah gals for accused Senator Jeff crews have sexual misconduct. Crews resigned his seat Oregon bureau of labor and industries launched an investigation found several women had been harassed by a variety of people at the capital. It was determined to be a hostile work environment. Nine women are part of the one point one billion dollar settlement. The legislature is now considering bills to correct the problem. One Bill would create an equity office that would handle the complaints and sexual harassment training for everyone working at the capital. Brad Bradford ABC news, Portland, Oregon, six nineteen at Boston's NewsRadio. And just seventeen degrees in Boston cold weather gonna stick around for the next couple of days here in Boston. Maybe some flurries and also some wind chill factors to deal with nonetheless love is in the air Southwest Airlines. Comes to the rescue of a maid of honor who forgot her dress for her sister's, wedding, and Costa Rica, how did this happen? The woman turned frantic and begged the airline for help on social media asking if the dress could be placed on a flight the next day the airlines response. All right. Let's do this the bride, especially grateful. But get into a catastrophe and then come out of it an epic southwest. Posting updates throughout the event, including a special dress tracker. It is six twenty in Boston particular crime on the rise in Britain. Crimes with knives tax. Here are increasing. Police numbers are decreasing as part of Prime Minister Theresa May's austerity cuts more than twenty thousand officers have lost their jobs over the past nine years. What's needed? Now. Assistant police Commissioner Dunkin ball having more place offices will undoubtedly help in terms of tackling violent crime and not chrome because there was greater visibility greater presence on the streets. Another issue. Additional government funding cuts means fewer youth programs in many areas as critics point out the rising crime all too predictable. Tom rivers, ABC news, London.

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