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Dot com On my Huggins and Scott Page, there's a picture of each of the six rings. And you can click on each one of those. And it will take you to the auction age at Huggins Scott. So let's say you want The 1992 championship ring. Just click on that one. And I'll take you to the auction page. But the 1992 of the Bulls be Portland in six games. That was a Siri's with the shrug. When Michael Jordan was hitting threes like crazy, he had 35 points at the half of that game, one of the 92 finals. I think the kind of asserted himself in that final Siri's with that half and then it's kind of cool on them. On the ring Page. Huggins and Scott has a link. Two. Video of what they considered the top 10 plays. From the Siri's by Jordan, So it's pretty cool. If you want to go back and look at some of his highlights. There's plenty of them there. He was the finals M V p 35.8 points. 4.8 rebounds. 6.5 assists 1.7 steals he shot for 29%. Threes and played 42 minutes. Pippen had a really good Siri's that Siri's also 20.8 points. 8.3 rebounds. 7.7 assists. 40.7 minutes packs them did better in these first couple of championships, and I have remembered like in this Siri's. He was the only other guy in the average double figures. 10.3 points. And 2.7 assists had 52% from the field in 30.8 minutes, and then Horace played his typical good defense 9.2 points. 7.8 rebounds, four assists and for Portland. Drexler averaged 24.8 Point. 7.8 rebounds Bounce 5.3 assists, but he only shot 40% field goal percentage. They played really good, Deanna. And Danny Ames averaged eight smirks and 12 wines per game. And he was so unlike of all when he played in there when he was with Phoenix, he was just unlikable human building beer. I think our brother Yeah, they definitely were had to have been distant down. That's a good good comparison. Each each unelectable. Laimbeer was much more physical. Change was did his league. It was just not as that is bruising when he'd blab, get his little elbows in or do whatever he was doing, but he should wind a lot that's for expression can have one for every every instance speaking this of Facial expression. You know, I don't know. I don't know if you've checked or not, but You know, we have a little feature on each of our items that's up on the side. You can't really you know, it's just list the opening bid, But there's also a view County could tell you how many different people are looking at it and If you could. I don't know if you've looked at the rings, but they each of the reef as between 800,000 different people that and it's no. Three weeks before bidding or two. That's the life. You checked that Versace A lot of the other items better in the office and that Very high number of you count for this part of the of the cycle might bode well for the bedding and those I'm sure a lot of people just want to see a close up of him. You know, like I'll tweet pictures of all of them and Now what I did during the week I tweeted a picture the four pictures of the first ring, and I said, We talked about it. And here's a link to Huggins and Scott. So I'm sure there's people like Wow, those air cool it just kind of want to see the action page. But I can't wait to see what the bidding is on these. You've got another nice grouping. Harry Beecher. Eric, Do you know who Harry Beecher is? I do not know Vance. Harry Beecher. Does it ring about it Rings a bell. But I can't. I can't find a link. He was the Yale quarterback from 18 84 18 87. You might say so. Well. He was also The first football card. Harry Beecher on that's pretty well, That's that even kinda up for debate. Right Bill? That's pretty much that's the first football card ever produced. The Oh yeah, he was. I think he may have been the first guy. Who was actually paid to play the game Somehow, some way they figured out a lot of ways. After that. I was the one year old. Yeah, Yeah, right. Well, he was in the 18 88 and 1 62 Goodwin champions. That's considered the first football card ever produced. He was quarterback for Yale and I guess really good. He ended up becoming a sports writer and Anyway. The lad. There's a lot of Cards with 18 different graded Harry Beecher cards. The highest grade is 3.5 other lower grade but just tohave. 18 of those in one auction $30,000 minimum bid on that one. Wow, That would be interesting to see how those do somebody that wants to Ah Claim staked their claim. I'm Harry Beecher, the first football cards now's your chance to do it. And think of wonder John Drama never interviewed. Well, if they ask of during the show and help me like Oh, yeah, I remember him now. Here's one. This would be a bonus point, if any, but anyone can get Against this What famous Person. Was he related to His name is Harry feature. Period. Vegetarian. Yes, that's right. One of his paternal great aunt's, which I'm never quite sure what a paternal I'm thinking. That's your brothers. Their fathers. If sister I don't know, anyway, it was Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote Uncle Tom's cabin. Published in 18, 52 and a bunch of other books, So it's kind of that was a pretty big family. Now. I wonder if there's any Harriet Beecher Stowe cards out there. I actually wouldn't mind getting one of those to get the beats her collection going, You know, Tom in the video. In the Mayo cards, which is probably the second issue. Football cards They used to call a lot of cards of the Of the Ivy League players and in there is Part of the guy's last name is POH. And he was related to Edgar. Allan. Oh, really? You're camping. I wonder how he was how he was related to him. I can. That would be Edgar. Allan Poe's Must have been a pretty strange guy. Don't Don't let Drummond if he interviewed him dead criminal V m already up to the first break Now, after the break we're gonna have this week. Addition of which ended higher, Nancy Huggins and John Drummond will join us and then the show goes till eight. So hang in there, we'll be right back. ESPN 1000 Chicago's home for sports Wanna bet news sports books at Hollywood Casino Aurora and Hollywood Casino Joliet are your front row tickets all the action on all the games with up to the minute Realty. I'm odds.

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