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Arizona and Florida Sam can you run down all of the various complaints and concerns you are hearing. What we're hearing a ton of James. I mean it first off you do not have the kind of shift. We saw between the early ballots that came in ahead of the election in the mail, and those that were turned him at the polls. You don't see those ship for Democrats, you know, three hundred percents that doesn't happen without some sort of malfeasance, and here that's pretty simple you, and I've talked about it's about harvesting, but beyond that you have a slow count. You have GOP officials being kept out of the counting room out of the observer roles, you have all sorts of things going on here. You know? Fortunately, it's actually not as bad as what has gone on Broward County, Florida with this their recorder, Brenda Snipes, who even Jeb Bush has come out and said this is fraud. So look like Sally lost on her own. She should have won. This thing regardless. It was a bad campaign. But at the end of the day if we don't have confidence in our vote. If Adrienne can't can be trusted. Then he's got to be taken out of that office. Here's what I have to. I have a challenge you on something not because I believe you're wrong. But how can you say that look mix Sally loss? It was a bad campaign. But then in the same, you know in the same paragraph talk about how we have at morale at moralities in the whole voting process. Well, I because it should have been quote. I mean, a swing of twenty or thirty thousand votes should not have affected this election for her. That's why. Okay. So, you know, absolutely. This is this ended up costing I think ended up costing her the election, but that is her fault. Also. And I, you know, I say that as someone who is a great admirer, and friend of Martha mcsally, but at the end of the day, you know, her campaign bears responsibility to now she'd be Senator McCain rally today without all this shenanigans. That's just say. Usually what I said, I said it's before the election day in order for us to ensure that they're that fraud and deceit doesn't went out. We have to outvote the Democrats in droves. If it is close they can manufacturer victory as we're seeing in Florida. And as we're seeing I believe in Arizona Samsung, absolutely. I mean, look at look at the facts, right? Look at what they've done to bracket. What look at what the leftist onto Bret cabin look at the MTV mops out in the streets and to intimidating people driving people out of restaurants. There is nothing they will not stoop to and now you see across the country and not just in these two states, but in other close elections elsewhere. They're miraculously finding boxes a ballots that all happen to be from heavily democrat precincts, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they found out they found a ballots a night or two after the election that that doomed Scott Walker. You're absolutely correct about this. The the the Democrats have devised new ways in new schemes to game the system right here was belt harvesting harvesting that was going on in southern Arizona and these emergency voting centers. I think is just the next elaborate ballot harvesting outlets. Absolutely. Absolutely. Correct. And so I mean you look at this. This is a case where we've either got to get control of these officers. We have got the as you said we got to win blowouts. We gotta get our voters out droves. We have a Sam stone on the line. He is the chief of staff for Phoenix city councilman Sal to Cecile any partner in September group conservative national political consulting firm in three states Utah. Arizona and Florida with all the conspiracy theories floating around about miracle become the elections. I just wanted to nail this down Sam stone. What describes the situation most accurately to you one? This is a naturally occurring. Spiracy of incompetence found in most democrat control bureaucracies to the result of a slow deterioration of the concept. One man one vote or three there's nothing to see here. Can I say one and two and all of the above? You know, I'm very frustrated by this because this is what this is what our elections have always been like this. I pretend that that Democrats have been cheating or trying to find ways to cheat from the very beginning. But this now is like out of control whereabout, we're watching literal elections being stolen, and we're being lied to sing every vote must count even if they comment days after the election is over. What James the thing is this isn't this isn't anything that we haven't seen from Democrats for over one hundred years. This is just Chicago politics, Cook County politics, which at one point was a major factor all across the country coming back all across the country. Where look valid harvesting weird that start that started in Chicago. You know? I mean, they it's different now that you harvest a ballot. But what they did back. Then was just go round people up from their jobs drag him down to the precinct and watch vote. You know, that's no different than what they're doing today with these paper ballots. It's exact same thing. And the same thing with what the recorders done. Oh, you don't quite like the way it's looking. We'll just make a few changes here. We'll make a few changes here. We'll make these changes. They're doing it with with this this brazen. Like, what are you gonna do to stop me? Again. Sam stone has there has there been any will to clean up our elections. You know, what I, unfortunately, I think there will be well now, I think they're absolutely will be I think Republicans will be outraged by this. And I hope they remember it either for a recall election or in two years when this is back on the ballot. But the problem is in two years when he's back on the ballot. He's controlling accounts. How likely do you think it is? He's gonna lose his own election. I'm starting to think it's pretty unlikely. I don't think so at all I had someone asked me today. Well, how do you get rid of them? Well, you can't really fire them. I guess the the voters can buy as you just said recall, but if he's up for re election is there any doubt. Is there any doubt that he's going to win? Now, his predecessor made a couple of steaks, this is I think it was before my time around miles here. But the Republicans responded, you you are no longer qualified this job and it did. Paled in comparison to what we're seeing right now. No. I mean, this is this is a everything that has gone before here in Arizona pales in comparison. This musher Pima county in which case you've seen with Trump. Yes. Well, coming from Pima county rioting in the valley this year. I am telling you early on early on you started to see you start to see the sands shift. And I couldn't believe put my finger on it. Except to say, you know, what we made our adjustments last time, we put President Trump in office because we came out, and we voted overwhelmingly, I believe we voted overwhelmingly this time as well. But the fraud the fraud game has got more sophisticated with the Democrats, and they're able to manufacture these ballots more than we ever been able to to push against now. My concern is will we ever be able to come out enough? Our game is we must come out. And we must vote in numbers to be the fraud. But what happens Sam stone when the fraud is just too big debate. You have to look at this point until you control that office. Again, you have to come out in even greater numbers. I mean, this is the thing that everyone is that Helen per cell might not have had enough voting stations open for one election. But the fact is she ran a clean. She ran a claim for both sides for decades and mad. It's something that we are not going to have until we find someone else of equal caliber to put back in there. And we don't have that right now. We don't have that right now. So in the meantime, a Sam stone, it looks like goes cures us cinemas going to be the first female Senator for the great state of Arizona. There's also been a couple of other seismic shifts in our whole political system as well going forward. Do you think the Republicans will be able to regroup? I think so, but I think it's going to be tough. I mean, look if you're a democrat you're looking around and saying this is a this is a big blue blessing right now because not only having a Senator and one of the things that was missing from this cycle. Frankly was the impact of John McCain and his office. I know some of your listeners may not be a big fans of the former Senator at this point. But one thing is underestimated by people outside the system is what an enormous impact his position in the Senate had on so many down ballot races here in Arizona. He provided access to support and to logistics and organizing that you just don't have otherwise Democrats have not had. Now, you take what they've just done with this election all the cheating that they did. There's no nothing else should call. It you add the power of a senatorial level campaign. That's been built up to that. You have something that is very hard to overcome. And nobody should be fooled Pearson. Cinema is nothing of the moderate. She pretended to be. Hi, this is my discount..

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