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You actually ate the flesh of another living creature. I mean maybe in the future is going to be regarded as murder. I don't know. I don't know how people are going to look back at us that we're eating meat you know. We're we're killing cows and pigs and we're raising them and there were slaughtering them and then there were eating them. I mean we we think nothing of that but maybe that won't be the case in five hundred years or thousand years. Who knows how people in the future are going to view our eating habits and let's say that nobody does it anymore. Well are all the statue user of americans that did anything great during are they all going to have to be cancelled out because they're gonna go back and they're gonna say oh but wait a minute but he ate meat. Forget about all these great things. He did look he actually murdered or he participated in the murder of innocent animals. Right now. i'm not saying that. That's as bad as slavery but the point i'm trying to make is. We can't judge people by today's standards for the actions that they may have committed when the standards were completely different. The same is trying to judge. Rachel kerr connell because she went to this sorority party. Nobody would have been bothered by it. I'm sure that nobody at the school made us think about it. I mean i'm sure there were some black girls and guys that went to this university. Georgia i mean. It couldn't have been all white. And i don't think they had this party in secret it like i. I saw the photographs. It wasn't at night somewhere. I mean it was right and bright light of day. I don't think anybody at the time who was. Actually there thought anything of it. I don't think any african americans who were there were hurt or offended by the fact that this party took place but of course now it's a whole different world and it is not an improvement. This is not the world that we live in and believe me if we don't put a stop to this if we don't say enough is enough and and stop bowing down to these ridiculous demands. This is just the beginning. It is going to get a whole lot worse. there's an expression you give them an inch They're going to take a a mile. Well this is the inch and we are giving it. I could see this and we are going to end up losing the culture and the economy because this is all a pretext for socialism. That is the bigger agenda of the people who are pushing this. It's not just racism or sexism. They actually are pushing socialism because the cure for all these problems right all of our systemic racism. What we need is more government bigger government. So that's what they're doing. They're they're using this as a wedge and then they're basically disarming everybody and then they're going to have a full frontal attack of socialism..

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