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Boots but that's when the trouble started students led by senior Jack Sweeney all donated money to buy the one hundred dollar boots according to principal bill Rooney Tony will drop anything to help somebody they wanted to repair that and kind while most comments and feedback for positive someone question whether the gift violate state ethics rules which prohibits giving gifts to public employees over fifty dollars that created an uproar principal Rooney calls the complaint small minded hurtful and short sighted Jack Sweeney says stuff like this happens all the time you can have a good deed go without some type of problem I feel like I didn't imagine that it would end up being a problem that a teacher would bring up in the end because studying cool well decided to give the boots to someone who really needs them and Jack Sweeney was okay with that two acts of kindness about Kevin Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio the US attorney's office in New Hampshire says a man for Rochester's been sentenced to ten years in federal prison for federal charges along with firearms possession going to cut documents Matthew macleod was driving in the city in twenty eighteen we were stopped by police a search of the vehicle turned up cocaine federal with a gun police said macleod was going to sell those drugs he pleaded guilty to the charges in September I do for a bag charged with murdering his girlfriend face judge today Eric Griffin is charged in the killing of Jennifer clicky victim's mother Kathy gad spoke to WBZ TV is no way there's no two ways about it he did it they can't deny it they can't deny anything I know we're gonna try that's the job Griffin was ordered to remain held without bail he's was charged last month in the September killing the state's highest court today her case dealing with racial bias in policing WBZ's Madison Rogers was there for the argument in twenty seventeen to white police officers were in Roxbury looking for a fatal shooting suspect they stopped a black teenager Ty Corey Evelyn Poole avoided the officers the officers got out of their car Evelyn fled was arrested after officers found a gun nearby he was charged with murder the central question of the case is whether the officers had reasonable suspicion to seize apple and Pacific DA says yes and race had nothing to do with that but Evelyn's lawyers say this case embodies what has been a long standing paresis policy and racist views by the Boston police department to my client could not walk down the street at seven o'clock at night without being stopped by police the Supreme Court could come to a decision within a hundred and thirty days Evelyn has not been convicted at the John Adams courthouse medicine Rogers WBZ Boston's news radio is one person reported dead after another in a series of increasingly powerful earthquakes importer Rico this one a magnitude six point four he sees Karen Travers is at the White House as the trump administration prepares to respond the White House says president trump has been briefed on the earthquake in Porter Rico and administration officials including FEMA administrator Pete Gaynor had been in touch with officials on the island president trump in the past has been highly critical of Porter Rico's political leaders saying the island is quote one of the most corrupt places on earth but he's faced significant criticism for his administration's handling of hurricane Maria in September two thousand seventeen and the rebuilding efforts there Karen Travers ABC news the White House former First Lady Michelle Obama's logic in Instagram campaign to highlight the first year of college for for students the video series is called a year of first it'll share the stories and experiences of for first year students from across the country in partnership with a digital media company that focuses on millennials Mrs Obama says each student has overcome tremendous all odds to get where they are video series will focus on issues such as making new friends college affordability and physical and mental health California state lawmaker pushing for a statewide ban they are all flavored tobacco products saying a federal ban on flavored vaping pods just doesn't go far enough it's everything the federal restrictions don't band menthol which is known to mask the nasty taste the cigarettes flavored cigars Chong and hookah pipes state senator Jerry hill the reason that this goes beyond what the United States government has done is because they're not prohibiting the sale of the flavors in the tobacco products that really entice an addict the young people of California the vaping technology association agrees kids should be kept away from flavored tobacco but the lobbying group for ECA companies as a band would only drive people back to traditional cigarettes and impede any attempts to quit smoking California will become the second state to ban all flavored tobacco Massachusetts start banning sales come June Ali one for CBS news San Francisco they were once all of the top of their game and now a trio of jeopardy champions are looking to settle the score it's an epic game show show down three greatest players in jeopardy is wearing off in prime time Jennings rather rather in schools with promos to rival a prize fight the first round airs tonight on ABC the first to win three matches takes a million dollars and ultimate bragging rights jeopardy first of all time Steve Hey phone CBS news yours traffic worse.

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