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As many games. Nicolas Bone, and after King that shot the puck from the high slot purpose sallow made the save, but the puck ricocheted over the right circle. There was Nicolas Bone and grab it. He's fired it past corpus sallow into the back of the Columbus Network tied at one this shot might have went off the back side of few suitor. In fact, the Patrick Kane and the kids adore far right now the only folks who have been credited with assist on that goal. By Nicholas Bohdan will see if that changes as we go along here and a closer look at the replays. Meantime, the Blackhawks and jackets tied at one but a little more than five minutes from any a guy who's been tormenting the Hawks in the season. Serious so far did it again. Where's the puck up the boards? Hanson Jones Jones, a sharp angle shopper near the corner. Banking and squeeze the poster knock it wide war in ski fires from the high slot. The scars this, I believe was tipped by Cam Atkinson on the way in. And for Atkinson. It's his second goal in his many games against the Hawks and Columbus now leads again 2 to 1, and after a four point effort on Thursday night, that's two points for Atkinson tonight because he had the helper. Patrick line is first period goal. Gawronski and Jones with the apples on Atkinson's Go ahead goal, and that's where we stand right now. Hawks over two on the power play this 11 for one of the kill. About shot. The jackets 26 19 and also 1 23 of 37 face up, cried with 20 hits who's leading the hit parade reached Johnson in his second NHL game, just as he did in the first so again to one Columbus over the black Ops as we head to period number three reminder stick around afterwards for live reaction in the postgame show. This will take it up until 10 30 this evening. Back over, John. Enjoy. Thank you very much pose and Matea she and mark back out on the ice to start the third period here. That's a good sign left the.

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