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Little on the go. What's the name a lawsuit this time, rain, wind and lightning overnight, windy, and none as worn by Thursday afternoon? I'm staying Lear. Here's what's trending this hour. A Byrd high school music, teacher is suing over a policy on transgender students that cost him his job. Eric Berman reports Sean clue says he has religious objections to two year old policy ordering teachers to call students by their preferred name and filing this lawsuit. The help protect first amendment rights in the workplace, so that employees are not career. Like I was into promoting a sexual agenda. He wasn't fired as suit says he was encouraged to resign, he submitted a conditional resignation letter last April, that tried to take it back three weeks later, the school board voted to accept it. Anyway. His lawyers say argue resignation was forced by threat to fire if he didn't Eric Berman. Ninety-three WIBC mobile news after the rain, Wednesday afternoon. Many intersections were flooded and carnival Noblesville in Fisher's, but it could have been worse in Muncie. There was a van in the river shot. Kabbalah reports according to Muncie police, there was nobody in the van when it began moving away from a nearby. Stop sign slid off the embankment and plummeted into the white river. The driver of the vehicle claimed he was involved in a road rage incident and exited the van to confront the other driver forgetting to put his vehicle in park. No injuries were reported in the incident. Shallow Kabbalah ninety three WIBC mobile news. I'm staying Lear on the level on the go on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com. Now here's the forecast from the American standard cooling weather center tracking threat for strongest of your storms as evening. Heavy downpours of rain. Gusty winds and frequent.

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