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Midfield just because he can actually pass the ball and has some personality. I'm like the folks who played their last year So i think that is a big plus. I legally very open about it. He was hoping to get another midfielder in You know he's not high on an archer or raviol- probably core to your most of midfielders cristiano saying obviously impacts everything But from their perspective they were certainly hoping to bring in a center forward to replace manab. Noise can moist. Ken is is in. They see more of a season more of a winger type than somebody who can lead the line. He's an interesting one because when he was a part of the reason let him go is that we're briefing that you know. He's he was a bit of a head case and his he wasn't serious about being a pro or whatever. Now they're all saying oh look he's matured so much for power signs your man and you know learning from learn his professionalism. You hope he may maybe more from imbaba than from name out. But they're something that as as applause. They got the kid george as well so you know they feel that they have enough weapons to be competitive this season but obviously legally will also feel that. They've missed out on at least two targets. And i wonder wouldn't be surprised if we see them back in in january just to round out the squad. Weston mckennie remains the event is player advocates are posted in uk that he was talking to a number of clubs including burnley. Yes and here. It's kind of interesting. Because i was told about the only thing and Burdening said well. We stopped away the minute we realize that the the intermediaries who were offering him to us. They're not actually agents quite a bit in football. Where no you go to the club and you say hey do you want so and so and how much you're willing to pay for it and if you have credibility they say we'd be willing to pay this much we can do this contract. Then you go back to the club at the agents and say ooh we've got burnley lined up for you but you gotta do the deal through us. So burly credit to them sniffing these people out and so weston mckennie stays where he is just confirmed show some of the other. Us international transfers. That have taken place this summer. Hoppy as gone to me yorker. Chris richards to hoffer. Meanwhile mon.

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