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Which by the way, we sport children with disabilities, which we rotate disabilities each year, and we started when I open we started off supporting children without autism. And now after that it's like laws ended now we're rotated over to support children with cerebral palsy. And so is. It's a great deal. We partnered with a lot of foundations and donate money to these foundations to provide services and. Camps and all that to a lot of families. You can't really afford those type of services and stuff like that. So it was really awesome. Well, wonderful staff. It really is praiseworthy. That that you take the time to do that. Let's talk a little bit of pro football, shall we and Twenty-eight eighteen but before we do one thing I always when when the Walter Payton man of the year award comes up. I am reminded coolest trophy in sports that that it's up there. It's a cool. Look in one it is. It is definitely look good on my show for sure. Yeah. He's sweet with the K and everything else, by the way, if the MVP the every p trophy has no name attached to it. Nobody knows what it even looks like who should it be named after. And what should the pose be could be anybody in the history of pro football? Oh, man. That's a good question day book is maybe. Okay. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. You could do a lot worse than that. I thought you might go in the from Houston. I thought you might go Earl Campbell. You know, somebody like that you know, half is jersey worn off kind of thing. That's a possibility. That's possible. What about at one thing? I point back to consistently with you guys and your rise. You really turned into sort of a wind steam roller for a couple of months there. How much in the locker room? Have you guys discussed Frank Reich from the colts going forward and overtime and that kind of feels to me like a galvanized them. But also, you guys at got you that win if you guys look back then said what happens if that game turns out in a tire we in the same place. Of course, I'm not sure how that would turn out if that game ended up in tie. But you know, we lead I want to get away. We understand we gotta come out. We gotta come out swinging. After that. Sure enough. We gotta pull out the win out in New York. And now we just gotta win out to make some good things happen in our favor. Honestly. Do you guys talk amongst yourselves that the AFC south in a even in a year of this high offense, although the defenses are starting to rise up a little bit around the league. But do you guys point to the AFC south collectively, not just you guys is the is the division of defense? It seems like that, you know, it's always about all the defenses you can contain. Somebody's are offenses some of these weapons that's out there, and you know, who who's going to play to last night from the start to finish and keep the may game in a manageable type of deal for your office score. And it seems the turn that way. Even though, you know, see the game is definitely off of game for sure. I would say so just what the rule changes and things and things of that nature. But it's the defense that can play discipline do their job at the end of the day and Keith a game within a manageable range or try to get try to get a shutout. You have people love including me love to celebrate your name. You have is you have as good a football name as air. It's merciless after all and yet and his great as you've been in the NFL. Now, you know, I'm not the first one to point this out, but there's JJ watt. He cuts a big national figure. There's navy and clowney who was famous before he ever put on NFL uniform for that one bowl game play. And now you get the Honey badger. How does that sit with you?.

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