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And Sunday rain and mountain snow is expected to arrive as early as Wednesday and last through Friday of next week Amir I'll just chime in deal up with NBC for sedan LA right now it's forty nine in Laguna Miguel fifty one in Santa Ana fifty three of Pomona fifty six in Manhattan Beach we lead local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I'm Jennifer Jones Lee survey on good morning everybody handle on a Friday November two with next step in the impeachment inquiry is it doesn't go to the house floor for a vote on impeachment it goes to the Judiciary Committee that draft articles of impeachment and then go to the floor for the vote by the way the judiciary committee of the house can have its own hearings can you imagine that yeah and then the White House and legislators at both Senate Democrat are now trying to figure out how the trial is going to work they want a time line day once in the rules set up and they're all sitting down and thinking about it all right now our story of homelessness here in southern California now I have I don't know how many topics are how many segments we've done and homelessness and what happens is there's always a different spin and I want to talk about the politics of homelessness and in this case president trump's politics of homelessness and there is a fear that the trump administration which is moving forward on its plans to deal with homelessness here in California is doing so simply for political purposes because as you know the president has issued a I tweet after tweet and has called are homeless issue pick a Sam Cisco in LA particularly disgusting and a disgrace to our country so White House officials are going to present the president with the next few weeks our plan to crack down on homelessness I instantly this is just a few days after a top federal or not top federal official who is appointed during the Obama administration I has been thrown out has been fired how YA because of some opposition to the federal plan and so what does the press will be able to select from a series of ideas and these are sources of course within the White House and know what what's going on and I and I know everybody says what sources well if they're not authorized to speak on behalf of the administration you're never going to get on the record sources which means we're never gonna do a story about anything that the president is about to do or what goes on in the White House I mean that there's not much more you can do other than say anonymous sources so a couple of ideas that are being bandied about on the federal level I include re purposing existing federal property for example to help the homeless moving homeless folks from a specific area and condemning certain properties now rumors of this crackdown on homelessness and it's being eat view either as a crack down as a move for political gain as a legitimate effort to stop homelessness and maybe there is a combination of all three I here's the problem there's a lot of concern among career officials at the department of housing and urban development these are non political people and we have that story before where you have career for example I the the impeachment hearings were all about career state department national security people all saying what the hell is going on with these phone calls what is this business with Ukraine because of course that was all of the shenanigans to what extent they were were held at a political level well these are career officials at the department housing urban development and national housing experts worry that the solutions could actually make problems worse because the solutions come down and they may only be for political purposes and there's all kinds of vice speculation on the washingtonpost Donald trump's are trump's favorite newspaper in September that job the administration consider raising tent camps for the homeless creating temporary facilities refurbishing government facilities here's the problem is that the homeless issue moving people around is really not a federal issue the state's control it another words for example they're talking about building shelters well we're gonna build shelters I mean they have to do it on federal land and then moving people the federal land how many federal I'm repeat how many parcels of federal anything out there they're not being used now there is one former FAA facility that's a big one in the feds are thinking of turning that into a giant dot homeless shelter right I mean that's a possibility but here's the problem and that is the issue of homelessness in dealing with it is a very local issue it's where how many are there shelters nearby how many people on the street will not go to shelters that takes a micro look what's going on in a specific area for example what happens in Skid Row is very different than what happens in the San Fernando Valley in terms of the number of people who are mentally ill the number that you could just not universal the disease is among the Skid Row residents because they're so packed in very different and so with the federal government is taking a macro a poor approach and the argument is wait a minute the only reason you're doing this is for all kinds of political purposes what are the number one that you're doing something about it this is the argument against administration number two at your saying you're doing something about it because the disgusting the this disgraceful way that California is handling the homeless proves that California is outside the mainstream and here I am the president I'm going to do something about it so I mean there are political gains to be made but that's always the case whenever a federal program is instituted to help insert name of whatever group needs help here so we'll see what happens and by the way the answer and I think there is an answer here is if the feds are going to get involved what really makes the most sense is simply taking the dollars that the feds would be spending and and just giving it to the local authorities and offering the space and saying here's what we're willing to do you guys take over you handle it much like the argument that local school boards are much more fat to deal with issues of students and as the state or is the fad that's an argument all right coming up I love this one we've talked about adding you to spend more all the scams this is a scam these are real retailers online and what they're doing to get you and by the way it's pretty sleazy to get you to spend more this is K. how far let's check in with Jennifer motor home on the Traxxas caused a fiery metrolink crash in Santa Fe springs and no one on board the train was hurt when it hit the R. V. this morning along Rosecrans it's not clear how the RV got on the tracks Metrolinx ninety one line and see lines are closed between the boy in a park and Norwalk Santa Fe springs stations a former student at Boston College accused of encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter the boy did kill himself.

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