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We saw last week. The Democratic convention had things actually play out. Certainly not optimistic, Bruce. I think that came as a bit of a surprise. It really started with the president's speech in Charlotte yesterday. He was only supposed to give a brief remarks to the delegates There ended up talking for 52 minutes and didn't really offer up much optimism. It was just a lot of A long list of grievances of issues the president has with the right wide variety of people in groups and then that extended into the programming. Last night, you heard Republicans in their associates warned of a potential dystopian future of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to be elected the next president and vice president. They did talk a little bit about President Trump's accomplishments in office. They tried to, in many ways, rewrite his approach to the Corona virus pandemic. But to your point, Bruce, the Republicans were promising that this was going to be all about hope and optimism. And we didn't really see too much of that. Yesterday. First Lady Melania Trump is said to be tonight's keynote speaker from the newly renovated White House Rose Garden. Do we know what to expect from her speech? Maybe now is one. We'll see that hope and optimism. You know, I think there's no doubt Bruce that the Trump campaign is concerned about where the president stands right now, with female voters across the country, particularly White suburban women that the president made no secret of that making, you know, direct outreach to them. Uh and today we think a lot of the focus of the programming is going to be specifically directed towards women. And Melania Trump capping that all off. You know, Melania Trump has a much better approval rating that President Trump. She is genuinely liked Mohr than President Trump is by most Americans, and where Yesterday. We really saw the campaign and the convention seemed to really drive home. The messages that connect with his base. Perhaps tonight will see them try and expand their outreach a little bit more, because it's gonna be difficult for them to win if they can't draw in some independent, maybe even Democratic voters and so far we haven't seen that sort of outreach in this convention. As of yet, is the president gonna be speaking every night of the convention. We do expect some sort of an appearance. They're calling it every night from the President Bruce, you know, Yesterday we saw two little moments from the White House where we saw him with first responders in people that have been dealing with a crowd, a virus pandemic and You know, it could be something along those lines. You know, the Republican Party has promised surprises each and every night, But we know that those surprises in some way, shape or form will include the president. He is the star of the Republican Party. This is the party of Trump on DH. That's exactly how this convention is playing out. Alright. Thanks. Ryan Appreciated as always. CNN, Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles joining us live this morning from the White House, actually. 87 14, now plenty of twists and turns of the saga of Jerry Falwell Jr. Liberty University, said early yesterday that Falwell agreed to Isa resign as president and step down from the board of directors. Once that was reported in the media. The school says Falwell withdrew his resignation. But now Falwell has officially resigned from Liberty, the embattled religious leader told ABC News he turned in his resignation letter to the school last night. This all followed publication of two news stories about his wife's sexual encounters with a much younger business partner. Thousands of people are expected to stream into D. C this Friday for a big March organized by the Reverend Al Sharpton to protest police brutality. The march comes nearly three months after nationwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis animate continued Corona virus restrictions. It'll also be just a day after President Trump accept the Republican nomination for president from the South Lawn of the White House. We've got everything you need to know about the big event if you're planning to attend, or if you're just looking to navigate around the extents of road closures. One w t o p dot com Sports At 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Pink red 7 15. Here's Dave Johnson. Hurry up and be patient. Welcome to baseball 2020 almost halfway through a 60 game regular season. The Nationals Air four games below 500 after 11 8 lost the Marlins last night, but young gold says it doesn't seem like things are out of hand at all. And I think we're a couple of good. Siri's away from being right in the In the thick of things. And tonight the National start a series with the Phillies O in the NFL. We love that talk about quarterbacks and throwing the ball. But Washington football team head coach Rod Rivera knows from his time in charge in Carolina. We want 72% of the time when we rushed for 100 yards on offense so again being physical being a downhill football team just doesn't apply to being a defensive unit. It also applies to be an offense. You know, we've got to be physical. We've gotta play downhill in the front office, Jason right, settling in his team president and working with older dance. Fighter. I'm asking him for ideas. He's asking me for what I think the right direction is. We've been pretty tight in our collaboration, and I think that's a really good signal and more with Jason, RIGHT and Rob Would Forks Video Interview it. Story on w t o p dot com and for DC it out and still confident their defense. The focus on the offense. Red Coach Metal should get better numbers in the attack and then have better relationships and and just be Ah, more cohesion and how we go about the attacking side home tonight against to England. Dave Johnson over you till be sports. It's 7 16. And finally, another eight conservative judges were confirmed today. Yes, at eight more to the winning.

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