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Shredder is a storage finland. Let me tell you and lynn. Here's my advice is an area right now. Some expertise after my week of work. Did you get see-through storage bins or once. You can't see into you can't see into them. I don't wanna see about big mistake rosemary. Let's see how it goes back too much for the goal robert watson. No if you think you could shred those fifty thousand. Jim brady for reelection to cambridge city council. Pamphlets continue garage. He says alas jim the smithsonian will not become guys name robert. It's almost like he's with me. I had so many bumper stickers. Jim brady for city council. Vote one meaning you know. Give me your number one vote. It was humiliating. And you say to yourself how many didn't eat and so by the way this is totally true story. Probably two thousand of them left. And i'm saying to myself i probably don't need a thousand jim geraghty for city council bumper. I was by the way for those zone. I ran for city council. One and i served one term as worst experience my life in any case. But how many do you think i ended up with. I have no idea. I decided that. I should keep one hundred. And after i put nine hundred give or take in the garbage. I said to myself. Why do i need more than two. I don't think my kids are going to say dad. Can you please leave us each of bumper sticker from your city council campaign. So i now have to bumper stickers from my nineteen ninety nine city council effort emily which says she's sitting in a doctor's parking lot waiting for two pm appointment and she just bought a shredder on amazon. True and insurance. Very you're next on boston. Public radio welcome to the show. Hi So i'm gonna vowed minimalist and this was my here I emptied every closet in my house. Pretty good house emptied every closet painted every closet. 'wow yeah i and you know. I don't throw anything in the trash..

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