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Bunch who will surf to victory for best local seafood help support local restaurants vote for your favorites today with the WTOP top 10 contest visit WTOP top 10 this is WTOP news 722 federal student loan repayments begin in October and many borrowers say they just aren't ready for many borrowers federal student loan payments will be a major hit to their budgets and over half or 56 % say they'll have to choose between making those payments or paying other bills like rent overall nearly half of all borrowers expect to go delinquent on their student loans the numbers come from a survey by credit karma and for those who have managed find to financial security since payments were put on hold three years ago almost half plan to cut back on non -essential spending or take on additional work borrowers are also encouraged to consider using federal loan protections to keep loans in good standing Melissa Howell WTLP news it's become an annual tradition for movie fans and social justice advocates the seventh annual dc black film festival returns to barracks row in southeast these are films that are seriously gonna make you laugh make you cry I maybe even throw popcorn in the theater founder Kevin Sampson invites you to watch lab rat a groundbreaking interactive film the audience is gonna participate in real time are you gonna scan this go choose QR your own adventure you'll also see gaining ground the fight for black land a few decades after the end of enslavement black americans were able to amass millions of acres of farmland but today approximately 90 % percent of that land is no longer in black hands the dc black film fest runs friday and saturday at the miracle theater jason fraley wtp news a tech billionaire says he is done playing games mark herberg says it's time to move on from all this cage match talk with ilan musk the meta founder red announced on sunday he's ready to fight but despite his best efforts ilan isn't serious the ex -owner has been pushing the billionaire brawl for a while now but says he may need surgery and is now asking for a this round in zuck's backyard meantime zuckerberg has been training and actually competes in mma fights so so until musk confirms a date he says he'll focus on people who take the sport seriously that's cbs news in washington breaking news happens every day this just in in from arlington so can you really afford to miss even a single day of wtop

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