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The route that they were going to go this time. But what has happened to answer your question is it actually has worked out that they wage. The best version of these guys. Martinez-perez Garrett, Richards, Nick pivetta, those sort of guide, Nathan, eovaldi going guy. They haven't got the best version as we sit here is Eduardo Rodriguez, but I'm not overly concerned about him. So I think that's where it begins and ends. And, you know, they built a pretty interesting team around them and then you have the foundation, guys, the bogarted em in Martinez, which is utterly important. But you know, I I want you to go back to, you know, people ask about, you know, we have fans in the stands now and we have an interest in the office team. Remember back in 2013, you went along for that ride with us. Yep. And in people forget that, it took a long time for people to buy into that team because the Bruins were, you were on the Bruins, beat the Bruins were red-hot, right? Everyone was about the Bruins and the Cup Final. Yep, nearly Cup finals. And then believe it or not song. You had the Aaron Hernandez trial which sucked the air out of everything at the time and the Red Sox get off to this could start. But before, like it was praying. I think authors the people bought in. I think, what this is done is that as we sit here as they finally allows fans in the stands, people came back and said, okay, you know, we can get a walk around this team and by the way, the other teams are going against, we're not really overly scared about. So I mean, all I know it covered a lot in that question, but, you know, is a lot to come down to do that. You know, you know what, you know what best podcasts are Rob. Let me guess. I mean, Phil you again. Okay. Thank you. My opinion. Best podcasts are when you can eavesdrop in on a conversation. So if somebody goes off on a tangent 456 minutes, yeah, the conversation, right? It's not an interview not should never be interviewed by birth. Play. Here's a quick aside. Yeah. Plus over your left shoulder. Yeah. Right. The two copies still in existence chasing signed off. So I do have a question about this. All right. And I look at this, what went into the artwork on the cob, I hated the artwork. I hated. I'm not a fan of this because it's clearly. It's a, it's a real image. That's a place Soriano. Whoever that is leaping in the air lesson tracks. I mean, I think I knew you back then, right? 2003, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I was a little.

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