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Larson. Welcome back to the LARs Larson show a first amendment Friday. It's my favorite day of the week because we open up the phone lines and anybody who wants to send off concert do that. I've got a few things that I want to sound off on. Of course, we have the most reason development in the last couple of hours, the news that Jesse Smolen who faked to that hate crime turned out not to be a hate crime at all. But simply a guy who wanted a better paycheck and was willing to defame and disparage all the supporters of President Donald Trump to get it done. He got caught. And now he is facing sixteen felony charges. My prediction would be that his lawyers will go to work and try to figure out a way for him to play out on this one. But as far as I'm concerned, I hope Chicago throws the book at him for what he did faking a hate crime making it sound as though two masked men who came up shouting Maga slogans make America, great again slogans. So he identified them as Trump supporters. Had shouted anti black anti gay things at him had thrown bleach on him had put a noose around his neck and head otherwise abused him than it turned out that he had actually hired two of the fellow actors or other people from the staff of the television show is on because he was frustrated by the size of its paycheck. And I want to keep reminding people just see smell at was making one point eight million dollars a year. Let me translate that a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month. Let's try it. Again, how about forty thousand dollars a week, and he wasn't happy with his paycheck. And he thought if you could only bring some sympathy to himself that he might actually get a bigger paycheck. That's a pretty craven kind of approach to life, isn't it? Anyway, if you want to jump into the conversation and talk journalism, it's right here every night. And all you have to do is dial in eight six six, hey, LARs, that's eight six six four three nine five to seven seven emails. Go to talk. At LARs Larson dot com our Twitter poll, and there's a brand new question. Every night has the democrat party become the anti Jewish party. That is the assessment of the president Donald J Trump who has a Jewish daughter and a Jewish son-in-law, Jared, Kushner, and avant could Trump he says, the Democrats are an anti Jewish party because of the vote that was taken by Democrats in the anti-hate resolution in which they thought to try to address the behavior of Ilhan, Omar. But they didn't want to call out by name even though everybody in the country understands the resolution was all about her. And maybe to some extent a Representative from Michigan who's been saying some similar things..

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