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Welcome to kiss missing mysteries. I'm your host could come today. I take you high up into the mountains of the Pacific northwest of the United Stage. For a very interesting encounter in Nepal. They called their creature. The yeti across Asia's higher elevations they call it the abominable snowman in Canada. The word suss squash is believed to be a sailor's word. Meaning wild man or Harry man seems J W Burns coined the term in the nineteen thirties. He was an Indian agent assigned to the spanned now known as I people of Canada. He claimed a close bond with squash and believe it has the ability to move between the physical the spiritual realm and the Pacific northwest has yet a different name in Oregon. They refer to the tall gorilla sized creature as bigfoot in Eighteen. Eighty four article. In Victoria's British colonist is often cited as the earliest documented evidence of a sasquatch citing. The articles described capture of a half man half beast near Yale. Bc NICKNAME JACKO. It was described as something of a guerilla type that resembled a human covered in thick greasy. Glossy black hair. No one knows for sure. When the northwest bigfoot legend truly began but the most successful launching pad from the public's obsession with it is known as battled supposedly took place in a narrow gorge on the east flank of Mount Saint. Helen's the gorgeous now called a canyon. It was the summer of nineteen twenty four when floor glassy eyed prospector stumbled out of the woods claiming to have been attacked by a group of seven foot. Tall Hairy Beasts Fred Beck. Gabe lefavor. John Peterson Marian Smith and Smith son. Roy described coming upon garage man near or they had built a small cabin. They were eight miles from Spirit Lake when they encountered the group when they described their ordeal to a reporter for the Oregonian newspaper. They estimated them at about four hundred pounds. Each and seven feet tall. One of the man is shot. A one hitting it. Three Times Beck said. The wounded animal toppled off a cliff that night while in their cabin. The beast attack finally making a hole in the roof. The cruisers two large rocks at them the next morning. All silent and the MED fled the woods. The next day the newspapers headline read fight with big apes reported by miners. Fable beasts are said to have bomb parted cabin the US force service decided to investigate ranger. H Hoffman. And William Welsh heightened to the forest with back who took them to the cliff where he said. The wounded man fell. I scrambled Dallas Supposedly Inaccessible Canyon of found. Nothing back in. The Rangers continued on to the prospectors cabin and that pointed out the large stones that have been used in the attack. Often at Welsh. Were impressed concluding that the gold miners have probably place a large stone. Sarah themselves but an Oregonian reporter ask syringes when they returned to Kelso Washington. What about the fourteen inch long footprints found near the cabin Othman create an imprint in the ground using the knuckles and palm of his right and they were made that way he said so answer story? The bigfoot dot along Mount Saint Helen's of nineteen twenty four but despite the Rangers report of the story people still want to believe today across Washington Oregon. Bigfoot can be found on mugs t shirts and if you talk to the right people and ask questions they might show you a picture of bigfoot. Well the battle of big foot high up in the mountains. Mount Saint Helen's the Pacific northwest was produced. Here at night. All sound studio and brought to you. By the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and stories of adventure fiction life on the edge kit CRUMB DOT COM and by international psychic and medium Sharon Bauer. Who's the author the Book Life? Eternal love immortal. Then you get that. It's Sharon Bauer medium DOT com. I'm kit chrome. Thanks for listening..

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