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A little bit of vinegar on them all oxytocin. You like hot sauce. I put hot sauce on literally everything. But dan you get some fresh cooked collard greens and bacon some vinegar. Some hot sauce. By the way i ran into meredith again. Who had last year blonde hair girl. She had cancer and she said i ran into her and omaha took a picture with her And send it to. But i forgot about it until now well send it to me anyways i will. I will meredith shutout all right g. cans. Should we talk about. Kansas is the dumpster fire. So a it's a dumpster fire that was. I don't think it's dumpster fire now. I believe rosa was speaking of the. Kansas won the hiring process this year. I think they hired a good coach landslide home from buffalo and they got a lot of transfers from buffalo. I think kansas will be considerably better team from the absolute who knew that when we were all wrong we were all stupid two years ago when they hire less miles where you're like. Finally kansas get serious about football. Finally kansas hire a real football coach finally less miles getting another opportunity. It turns out no he. he was trash at kansas. He was trashed. She was human. Ming and now it comes out that there was a player at kansas. Who was going through. Some things and another player threatened to kill him and when he went to less miles in the kansas administration. They didn't do anything about it. They offered him fifty thousand dollars to shut up. Well just unbelievable what to make it to make it worse. The guy the kid wasn't from what the story that was written in the kansas city star made it seem as if it wasn't necessarily that he was going through something. He reported anonymously to the kansas athletic department that the players that live below him or selling drugs and then they i assume those players put to into together and said it must have been him who anonymously reported they knew. It was anonymously reported because less miles brought them in to his office to say and talk about art. I think mile said. Hey stop that shit just so you know. It's on people's radar when less miles found out. People under team were selling drugs by the way kansas stunk under les miles so those three players. Whoever was who knows if they're still on the team they they may they. They probably weren't even that good to keep around to like Two while they were selling drugs and then after that then they became a little bit of robbery. Saying we're gonna kill you because you were snake snitch. Also like the little details of like he would notice that like the lug nuts on his tires would just be loosened. That's fucking terrifying. No yet the the guy. The player that was threatened to be who is threatened fucked with three players on the kansas football team. That didn't fuck around and not in a good way on attire. that is like no. They threatened to kill him. they wanted to yes. But i mean just like that's like just in the next level threatening. I'm gonna fucking kill you to your face like that's just like doing sneaky shit note. I think they actually. It wasn't going to kill you. Throw in like what mcgregor said this was like. No no no. We're gonna kill you you just don't know how can i just say one thing. Yeah of course again if any body marshall every threatens to kill me and barstool tries to get me shut up with fifty thousand dollars. I'm going to take the money fifty cats. Ck our probably negotiate up to one hundred. But yeah i'm definitely taken the money and shutting up up for sure i don't if they no no because the money one hundred k. has good that's an outdoor kitchen. You're gonna leave your kids without a dad. But i feel like they're not they're at least going to fix the problem too. And gimme the nine asli reporting trying to get the problem fixed and only got worse. What's going to happen after you take two hundred k. o. Then they're going to want the money they're gonna rob me and kill me. Yep exactly so. You're you're dead and you don't even have an outdoor kitchens leave and go stay with his family like the witness protection program. Fuck that. I think outdoor kitchens or so bad ass air so bad outdoors showers or even better though. Oh outdoor showers or boss to anything that should be inside really outdoor. Tv's outdoor anything at your house. That should be inside is a boss move. That's a good point. Seven outdoor toilets. That means you're very poor. We don't we. Don't want that but outdoor outdoor showers and outdoor kitchens are definitely top of my list but yeah this situation is so it's just like fifty thousand dollars to tell some kid to shut up and go home. They didn't even offer them fifty thousand dollars. They offered him a ski. It was equated the fifty thousand dollars it was his scholarship and then his per diem so he got fifty k. And his trip home. Don't worry i'm not really worried about the player and what they offer. This is just further proof that les miles is just a colossal piece shit There's all this stuff he's tied to lsu with the sexual assault and the hiding nat There's this like less. Why don't you just fuck in handle some business one time. Why don't you fuck and say hey don't kill this guy entre say hey you're going to kill somebody you're off the team. Hey stop raping. People know you just want to win. Football games less is done done done. Now he's done so he's on the list for sure and the more that comes out the it's like. How did kansas not do their due diligence with all this stuff with him. That's what i'm so confused. I understand this happened at kansas. But we had this exact same conversation. The last time information came out about him. How did does not know this was happening. Did they just not care. Do they not look for it was it. Was it hidden who knows. But he seems like a real bag shit. While the one thing i say about kansas. They got new athletic director. They got new everything new coverages. They seem to be going in a positive direction. Like i said. I love the jokes landslide over in buffalo. I think he's a legitimate coach that they finally got instead of a character unless miles in a really shitty asshole character unless miles brandon told me that you died at the college world series in omaha. You were you. Were actually legitimately dead for a couple of hours higher. You feel now. Well let me tell you a more update.

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