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What are the rules and engagement, and how do we wrap our hands around this as leaders in college athletics? So there's lots of positives here, but I do think that as we go here, we're going to have to create some guidelines here, relative to competition. Coach ultimately, you're hired to win football games for the university of Florida and I know that that's something that you want to get to, and I'm sure you already are. That's what you're trying to do in recruiting. But as you look ahead, you have spring ball coming up here shortly and then a season, you open with a very difficult foe. What can you tell us today about what the Gators are going to look like on the field come September? Well, I think we've got a lot of work to do between now and September Paul and what I've learned in my career is that you try to break these things up into chunks. We're moving right in the middle of phase one. We're going to move on to phase two when we get back next Wednesday, we start our identity program. That's going to be about 25 days or so and we'll transition into spring break and come back for spring practice. So, you know, a little bit at a time. You know, we've got a lot of work to do. We're far from being ready to compete on the field. And I think we're going to get consumed with the things that we need to do to be competitive when the fall rides. So that's where our focus is currently. You mentioned phase two and I believe this spring will be phase three. How many rungs are there on your program? We've got 8 phases to our year round plan for the team. Certainly right in the middle of phase one and we'll transition to phase two when we get back here after a little bit of a break. Coach it's always good to see you. Thanks for making time. Thanks, Paul, you bet. Coach Billy Napier of the university of Florida joining us on this national signing day. You are listening to the call find show podcast. Hey everyone, it's Adrian warden house key host of the roach pod where you'll get interesting conversations with the NBA's top newsmakers. When I started thinking front office, I went all in for office. Including the game's bright stars of today. It was something star Jayson Tatum. Jason, how are you? I'm doing good. How you doing? Behind the scenes stories, some coaches and executives. Things go well. It's like the you can get great when things go poorly at the president and I'll see you as well. And breakdowns from analysts and insiders doesn't seem Philly is in all that much of a rush. Listen to the world by wherever you get your podcast. Nick Saban recently, I think within the last 30 minutes in Tuscaloosa. I just hope that it doesn't get to where name image and likeness deals are created for high school players to get them to go to a particular institution. And I'm not accusing anybody of that. I'm not saying anybody did that. That's not why I'm saying this. I'm just saying philosophically, I think it's great. The players can earn the right to make money through name image and likeness when they're on a college team. I just hope it doesn't get to that point because then you open up a whole new can of worms when it comes to recruiting. I think we're already there, but anyway, welcome back to the program, let's talk to Jeff in Columbus, Ohio. Hello, Jeff. What's going on, Paul? Jeff, we are.

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