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The state can on Lee Phil around a third of those orders. I heard it called yesterday at the Hunger Games of Health Department, which is kind of what it feels like. Kelly Volmer is the director of the Jefferson County Health Department, just south of ST Louis. No matter how good you are in health Your heart you're trying to be and do the right thing. It just people are getting pulled in a lot of directions, And unfortunately, that's slowing the process down. Woolmer calls the vaccination effort fragmented one that's confusing for providers in patients alike. She says. Different sites or counties have different eligibility requirements, and someone who's eligible in one county may not be eligible in another. The vaccinators have been someone independent of each other. And so there hasn't been this coordinated. Rollout, former says a centralized system for appointment sign ups and dosage sharing would help just look at West Virginia, which has relied on a network of independent pharmacies with centralized leadership from its governor's office to vaccinate residents. It's vaccination rate is among the nation's highest. Dr. Ruth Kericho, a nurse practitioner and infectious disease professor at the University of Louisville, says giving people the shot just takes a long time does not like just giving a flu shot. It is a lot more complicated paperwork. The assessment. You know, all of the documentation that has done the handling and the vaccines are finicky. They don't come in pre filled syringes, like others. They need to be kept cold, Super cold. In the case of the Fizer vaccine, they take a long time too thought out. And once the vials are open, they need to be used up quickly. And maybe the biggest hurdle is that drug companies aren't yet producing enough doses and a state's struggle with distribution. It could be months before many patients will receive that coveted shot. For NPR News. I'm Sarah Phantom in ST Louis thistles, all things considered from NPR news. You're listening to KCRW in. This is moments of serenity with me. Garth Trinidad. Stress is normal..

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