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Asked me for money. I sent him my life saving. So we're not worried no didn't give a damn dollar but that's that's the thing it's like i get these guys who were just like. Hey i'm so and so send me a packet on we get beat it I i honestly might send somebody money i might do. I might be like okay. How much she want twenty. I was gonna pain. Not that lake. Fucking sucks me i. I asked comedians this. Do you have chuckled. Fuckers do you ever like do a show and have somebody gone men. Men always juggled all the time. I did have a chuckle fucker in in houston which was very nice. It was my first one. Hopefully i'll have many more so all the time. Well yeah i mean it's it's crazy first of all thank you for saying the correct term chuckle fuckers being young because it is amazing it is thing and and and the comedy community. We call them. Chuckle walkers like these are. These are people who go out of their way to get it with the the comedian. it's been. It's been a little more. So because i've taken some notes from matteo lane And i have perfected the art of thirst trapping or or have put my in the door of like the art of thirst. So i've been. I've been working out since november of last year just like really like stink. Sticking gender bodies. Yes so it's like. I get up on stage and like people are like okay All right and especially like gabe ways are just like oh okay. Oh he's funny and he's got tansel right and it you know so it has been pretty funny where it's like or if i do a podcast that's like on youtube or whatever like people they're like. Oh you're hot and funny. What a combo. So yes i i have had. I've had a good fair. Share of chuckled fuckers. I also get a lot of straight guys to who want to. I don't know. I think they're just kinda curious. I guess you know. I feel like inches. Everybody's a little more kind of open and fluid these days where it's not so like i'm straight i'm one hundred percent straight. I feel like. I feel like people especially like because i perform mainly in front of straight audiences. You know Like the joe rogan crowd or the or the bill burr crowder. The you know those guys. Sebastian like allies win. You know those guys and so when people see me. They're like always gay. But like i'm kind of into it So i'll get guys had some guys come up to me and they're like hey me and my wife or stand across the street at the boundary on. Do you wanna like now by bennie. And susan trying to a show or they come up and they're like hey man really good set-up there and you're like oh i am listening daddy like i love this free you know. Do you get chuckled fuckers. Truly the one. I've been doing comedy for almost a decade. I've only had one chuckle fucker. When is your birthday august. Twenty nine coming up same day as michael jackson. Wait this ears in windows. Air mars september of timber third september. Third yeah okay. So my birthday has already happened. It just happens in the future. August twenty ninth. Yeah that's my bert. Thanks virgo virgo. Yeah get good. Yeah you have to call you have to hit up my friend kyle. Thomas for restaurant he'll give you a whole reading a writedown filed. Thomas hallam. i sent ya. I'll dm you. his is instagram and reading. It's it's really truly fascinating. Like i'm not a big lag astrology person but like he was saying some stuff and i'm like oh okay. Yeah this this. This reads okay. I'm into it interesting. I've been ruling tarot cards. I found this tarot deck. That i really like bought a book and i caught palm cards every couple of days and they keep being likeb e patient. And i'm like this is annoying. I really hate that. I keep pulling cars are like it will come just like don't worry like but that's all i wanna do is fucking worry as my pussy is quivering looking for something tough fellate. I just wanna drill. It's also the worst. A card tells you to be patient. You're you're you're you're a card. Give me something fuck do own. My god. i got so annoyed. This woman who came to one of my shows tweeted at me. Mike truly changing. The subject goes like i love. Your show is so funny. But i knew eighty percent of the jokes because i listened to your podcast and i was like you. Stupid fucking bitch. You haven't heard them in a way where i presented them as jokes. You've heard conversations where nugget of joke is started. And then i go. Oh that should be made into something. That is a joke that i can tell again this. You fucking bitch. Hog chastain is also worked shopping. Yes she made me so angry. I was like i fucking hate you and i hope she listens to this. Yes and don't fucking like nobody needs shit like that. So how much content. You could come up with that. I'm not gonna go over the same fucking themes over and over again until the same stories over and over again. And i constantly apologizing for it live so much of a life. Oh girl it's such a thing where her people are so like. It blows my mind how people take time out of their fucking day to be like. I've got something to say you and you're just like all yes. I say this all the time. It should be illegal to say anything in a comment. Other than i liked it. You're wonderful pretty fucking. Tell me you've heard eighty percent of my fuck thing. Don't ever watch single thing. I ever do again. Don't listen to another thing that i could do. Yeah i like over talk. My audience is a little. a lot of my crafts. Listened to the podcast. Which i'm very thankful for. Spent a good year complaining. That people screaming melted. And it wasn't until john was just like because i echoes. Wipe out with him. he was like nicole. They're just trying to connect with you. And i was like. Oh my god. Johnson is now. It doesn't bother me. Because i'm julie like yeah that's what they know they don't know my personal i just i also now. It's it's like. I really don't hear it anymore but i'm again. Yeah if you need screaming at me screaming at me. that's fine. it's like it's ten seconds of my day. But like i was trying to do crowd work and like people wouldn't talk back to me. I was like yes. Yes she's going to talk about. We gonna talk later. It's fun but i think it was just like burnt because i had been working in touring touring torian. Working in touring burn. Where were you saying. Sorry no it was just gonna say speaking of john cena. I watched suicide squad. Johnson has got a good bolts. I'm not a very kind man. Yeah but he also has a really nice bulge. I'll leave that for you to say it's hangs to the left. I paused yeah. It's a good ball jr. okay well yes. I'm not touching that he could definitely be my peacemaker for sure that that is something that you can say. I'm just going to nod my head and say okay okay. Let's take another little.

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