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So we wanted you to come back on the show because you know, you you start a started going on Twitter and saying, hey, I'm here, and you know, sorry, I haven't been around in a while. But you know, there's a lot of people that really love you Rory. And you know, we wanted to give you a chance to say hi to him and see what you're up to. I I want to say that's the bio that I wrote will most of it. Anyway. No about have the first half. Didn't I write that for my first interview with you? Yep. Original by I think was it two thousand and three December of two thousand three the show came out in two thousand four I think I think you hired me like twelve minutes later 'cause Mark Don was moving on. Really lucky? So, but yeah, oh, you had a question. Where all it's things. They. Yeah. How are things will? Yes. So I went away not. Not not quite the way. It sounds because that makes it sound like either went on vacation or to prison, and I didn't quite do either. A lot of things happened. Like didn't I show you some of the photos from sick? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I met up with you, Richard. Chris sells, you know. Like everybody was down there at that at that meat shop at that meat restaurant in Portland that was on hand road trips. Now, I couldn't believe that. Yeah. We went in there because you know, one of the problems I'm having is is something called delayed gastric emptying which causes me to throw up like all the damn time. It's really unpleasant. And so being in there. I just thought I wanted to eat that stuff like every three minutes. One of those guys would come by and ask you like if you wanted to slice of the cow like it was almost like the I don't remember which Hitchhiker's book it was, but somewhere it might have been it might have been the restaurant at the end of the galaxy. But they bring the actual cows to your table. And yeah, your couch. Hawks to you as they take chunks out of it and feed you sent talking cow Douglas Adams, I missed that guy. But anyway, so as you know, I got sick. I showed you some. The photographs. They were disgusting people out there if you would like to see photographs of I don't know how to put it but skin sliding off of my legs relieving gigantic letty patches behind. I can give you those even the Franklin over dinner. Not the best choice. Everybody. I've shown them to all like three and a half. People. Just go disgusting. Blah, blah, never wanted to see. That fact, the matter is you're having a hard time, and he sort of dropped out to a thought it was interested. If you wanna tell the story, but you know, people wanna know, what happened to your awesome, blog and the. When you took it down. And the reasons why kind of makes sense, but we'll the saddest or blest reason is that. People saying that one of the rules about writing is you have to write what you know. And will I knew when I kept me a pulling going was that I was healthy. I was in a good place. I I didn't realize how how incredibly screwed up my milio relations were we won't even get into that. But I just I had no idea what was kind of waiting for me down the road. So I got a few good years of writing material from everything that happened. I mean, I was lucky just I got to have a lot of amazing experiences early on. And when it switched to things like my mom having me arrested in the middle of my working on a contract for Joel Polski using Zaman. So I mean, imagine that such an awesome contract working for Jones Polski using Zamaran tonight. I was getting. It was perfect and she had me arrested right in the middle of that. And and held my computer captive until I was able to go to her house in pick it up with police escort. It has been a messed up time. And those things people right now are thinking man Christmas show DNR, ROY..

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