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Celebrating 100 years of public service to New England. This is WBC news radio on my heart radio station. 34 degrees in Boston. Right now. Mostly cloudy and very breezy at 12 30. Good afternoon to you on the Sunday I'm teen Eagle and Here's what's happening Well, Winter weather seems to be on a lot of people's minds today. Snow and freezing drizzle and parts of our region just rain for the South Shore and Cape and islands. WBZ TV meteorologist Sara Black Sea says. We're in for a pretty rough weather pattern this week for us this battle between the colder air and warmer air, creating moisture creating storms, and this is like Roadway right into New England four storms this week again that was WBZ TV meteorologist Sarah Robe, Lusky and Massachusetts isn't the on least a bracing for severe weather with about 47 states under weather alerts, CBS News meteorologist Jeff Farraday Ellie reports that winter storms will bring very cold temperatures to the areas in their path all across the nation. The coldest air that we've seen in years is invading the U. S. The polar vortexes right along the US Canadian border that Been sitting and spinning for days. But it's about to unleash its cold air all the way South deep into the heart of Texas, all the way to northern Mexico and straight down to the Gulf Coast. Not only does that mean a lot of snow and ice, but very dangerous cold temperatures, the full forecast for the Boston area coming up for you, and traffic and weather together on the threes after Paul Newman's camp for Children in Connecticut is damaged in a fire, let's find out more Friday Fire at the hole in the Wall Gang camp in Ashford, Conn. Burned self Real buildings, the arts and crafts, woodshop cooking zone and camp store buildings. All destroyed Camp spokesperson Ryan Thompson. First of all, we are deeply grateful that no one was injured. We don't know what caused.

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