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Doctor doom so excited when he fixes this thing and grimm's like maybe got us that and maybe more and he brings more to the planet. He's felicia doom over here. We need a victor vic me. Michael joshua doom activates portal and goes and beams himself to the asteroid that he detected when he was being transported in the bubble when he first got there then he goes to see the beyond her. Just fucking chattanooga madame web. Guess they've just been eating popcorn. There's some shit. Yeah and he shoots beyond her in the back with his laser gun. That came out of fucking nowhere. But madame web's expression with all this is happening. She's just like well. I'm just like she's so deidra. Far two ways to this just sits back down. Did that action get up. And then she her had just start spinning and she's like nope nope maybe over there. She's making me tired. Beyond your can take any form any chooses this one with a hank hill style tiny buttocks ship. Lebron and a narrow aretha narrow your you re throw. I think madame web's secretly was just really disappointed that they lost that really cool mullet when they merged she was like no his sweet hair. Yeah he's so fucking excited to do this merging things as the yes emerged the beyond those powers with my own which are ill-defined comics. Totally absent from this show off. Okay yeah we didn't really is so proud of what these merged his with his own like. I don't even know what you do. Here what do you do like in this version. It was never made clear. Doctor doctor doctor. Doom spowers i should do. They don't he doesn't do anything before he does this. So you don't actually know what his powers are here. Will they showed it earlier that he was like he had energy blasts dni. Yeah you know he shoots the guy who's gonna try and bazooka. Am do suffer in the flash first thing. Yeah po- in a flashback. Does your the first episode was of this. It could've just been his armor and you don't know so doctor. Doom teleport's back to his throne room with ben grimm revealing his true plan fusing the beyond irs abilities with his own. He now has immeasurable power he first uses them to send the villains back to earth and then bring all of the heroes before him asking them to live in peace as his subjects spiderman drops. An uncle ben bomb to try and convince doom the folly of his ways but dictator's going to dictate and do banishes everyone with a gesture of his hand So when they teleport back doctor doom just levitated. It's his gun next to the throne and it's just like well we're going to put this plot device. Run here right so everybody can see twin. Just put down Checkoffs elemental splitter. Yup that's not gonna backfire at all. Well at least it doesn't have a hair trigger world because like the i don't even remember his name as a nia genyk. What's knitter you look at that thing wrong. And it goes off yup combinator. The whole room would have been bathed in splitter light so they teleport back to his throne room and he extrapolating on. What's going on here. These says my thoughts become just wanted to pause for a second and then cuts to shot of the castle. Exploding at work dick becomes the size of a small moon. Just like what. I've always absolute on. This whole part is weird. I'm struggling to give much of a shit about what's going on. And i was thinking about it and i think it's because of what's being outlined here. The lesson is that people aren't gods and can't handle omnipotence. Just not that relatable think like you can kind of extrapolate that towards the dictatorships in general but they already made a point of showing the doom was kind of killing it in terms of being a dictator. So yeah i don't know man. It's it's really kind of all over the place. Yup those classic doctor. Doom just always going and planning to harness the greatest power in even in the comic That's what he does and in the fifteen version he is god dim i. He has the power from beyond her. Or whatever you know so there's those parallels that but it yeah log doom wants his is like power and growing his empire if you look at it new lad. Area is the biggest place on this planet. And he's been dominating a dominating it and annexing other people's.

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