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These are just a couple quick clarifying questions Greg if I might you talked about that reproductive number and you said that it was delayed how much how long is the delay how close to real time as a it seems like it's about a week to two weeks in delay so anything that we would be saying as far as marches in protest this week if there was only one are going to know that for a couple weeks correct but we also know last weekend there was a lot of activity with regards to Memorial Day weekend so we'll start to see some of that potentially in the in the coming week and then the number that that you're reporting is that county wide or is that just within your district I know that is a county wide number and on that chart there were also the region so fourteen communities counties around Hamilton County also is reflected in the other chart that's all good thank you thanks Jack Chris what hurricane has questions for both commissioners okay well the question okay great I did he said serve you talked about this before he's but I was wondering if you could talk about in a second I swear I don't have to go that way could you talk about the decision to allocate more money to small businesses and maybe give a brief update on the status of that program yes so that the window for the applications has closed we ate Bridget how many reject honestly Bridget already knows about these numbers better than I do so the number.

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