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But he also made me read books. I can't remember the name of the author the psychologist called society and the healthy homosexual, and it was the antidote to everything ever wanted to know about sex, but we're afraid to ask which was this kind of pop sex book science pop sex awful book about sacks that had these terrible chapters about what gay people are in our like and damaged. They are. And he made me read citing the healthy homosexual to understand who I was as a condition of continuing to get to bounce up outta as dick. And that was how the we have a responsibility. When people come out. To educate them because they arrive ignorant, and and you know, I think less so now though because there's access that, you know, clear could going up today if they're so motivated us to get online and not just look for porn or not just look, you know, to create their own YouTube channel and do makeup tips, but to actually read and learn this, it's all instantly available in a way that it wasn't when we were younger typically when I was younger, but we don't raise our kids, right? We're also. Like just missing a generation of people. Yeah. Which is fucking sad and bizarre that that that Israel. But, but I in some ways, you know, after the new drugs after the cocktail came along Lazarus syndrome, which was a happy syndrome not required immunodeficiency syndrome that was people rising from the dead. Which was what happened when the drugs came in ninety six the cocktail. There was this desire not just among younger generations. We're an old enough. What the hell is going on who wouldn't know. Then then couldn't forget they just never knew there's a desire on the part. I think a lot of us who lived at to like have to think about it for five minutes to to to return to some semblance of of normality and rebuild our psyches. I find myself increasingly so vulnerable to anything that sort of touches on what nine hundred ninety eight or nine hundred ninety one was like and people think the worst of it was like eighty four. Eighty five the worst. The death toll is rising every year until ninety six like I lost a whole bunch of people early. But I was still losing people and at a greater clip into the nineties in tonight, you know, ninety six and just sometimes something will come along like, and I will just be shattered by thrown back into the moment in a way that. In two thousand I just wasn't thinking about it anymore or or just not allowing myself to think about it and moving pass it not wanting to talk about it or think about it. Now, there's this remembering now, there's this. Accounting that has to be done. Sure. I never heard anybody say that that makes sense. That makes sense. I'm like, we we are not asking the question. And I think that it fair also to say we didn't we needed a break from providing the information. That's that's also that makes sense to me ACTA, Philip part. Not because everybody backed up died, but because everybody act up was done. Yeah. Everybody hadn't died posited. Nag like was done and needed to think about do something else..

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