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Midway 70 along the lakefront at 69 at the DuPage Airport. 67 this morning in Racine and now your money on WGN Shares are mixed in Asia this morning and mostly higher in Europe after the S and P 500 notched another record high in the US yesterday despite a surge in U. S consumer prices in May and London, Germany in London, Paris and in Frankfurt markets are all higher. In Asian trading, the Nikkei closed nearly unchanged the Hang sang in Hong Congress 4/10 of a percent in Seoul, The market gained nearly three quarters in China, The Shanghai composite slipped more than a half a percent. Wall Street futures have been moving higher after being flat. Much of the morning. Dow futures are about 100 points now S and P and NASDAQ futures are each up about a quarter percent each. You've probably noticed prices are rising on just about everything as we mentioned those consumer prices. Jumped yesterday for the highest that we've seen in nearly a decade or more. It comes as the U. S economy is reopening in various goods and services are now growing in demand. Household furnishing prices increased By nearly 9/10 of a percent. Food prices went up by nearly half a percent and prices spiked nearly 5% generally over the past year. That's the largest 12 month inflation rise since 2008 American Airlines who's joining Southwest and Delta in ditching their in flight magazine, Air American has announced their June issue of American Way will be the airlines last I'm Steve Graziano. John Chicago's very own. 7 20 w G. N Have been fit. That's a fact.

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