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California public voted in the california coastal commission right okay now what he's claiming through his lawyers is at that many porch of that are unconstitutional because they allow them to take property then i like eminent though vein like eminent domain and by the way a builder stretch through ours state senate and assembly which now allows the state to buy that path why do we have to pay this sob any more honey what sure wherever he used the path that we've been using for hundred years for the market values a little differently what a success by have are assessed by the actual you show what he wanted for the thirty million or something they paid thirty million for the property he wants thirty two million a shopping tested under a million yes yeah especially at six hundred see you go to court you win the what why is that going into effect he's just appealing appealing until he gets healing and where you linking appealing because he can afford the most expensive lawyers in america if not california and that's the battle were going through is the guy that founded sun microsystems yes and by the way let's get let's get clear very big contributed paul wta literal yes the democrat believe it or not very big democratic well then why is it a very this is just a matter of his being selfish whatever you want to call it you call it treaty i'm telling you home her write a book on gree arrogance greed '70s would only by the book the anyway by the way he has written the book at is excellent but anyway let's talk about other things bernie made off he was the last you you at the last like interview with them for what an hour and a half years i think we were the only interview my partner naji frydman an item spent four hours with them how quickly the yet to take a shower after well i got an italian or the first three hours his lawyers there was not allowed to talk for the.

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