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Had to be really good over the last several minutes to keep this game tied of one 4 17 left in the second. Norland on the dot career force. Far side Circle Fountain skate away with the pop that's cook. Cook taps it ahead to King to Blake. Bride. Bride comes out of their lost the Pocket center ice right back in to the Air Force, and it goes Dalton Weigel in the near corner. Dodges the linesman down their skates around him comes away with the pocket. It's kept in it. The blue line again by Bentley rimmed around to the other side and bride can't send it in with him. The defenseman at the blue line. Now the punk goes back and forth back and forth and right at the blue line is where all this is happening. Bentley now get to steal Here's Bentley. Wouldn't pressure on air Force right here or pass across and right in front of the net. His Hamlet in the puck popped into the air Hamlet swinging at it couldn't quite make contact. It's back to the blue Line. Vanilla Villella fires One end is blocked by air Force out to the neutral zone. This is gonna be cooked cooked will send it in some fresh legs. Come on the ice for Air Force, and Bentley will bring it up and turn it over. In the air force in back to the neutral zone. It goes. It's knocked out of the air there by AJ Villella. Taken away here by Brandon Cook. Cook comes in one man to beat buyers away, and that shot is blocked by Christian Felton. Bentley up with it following the block. And this is icing. No icing. They play on the puck is behind the air Force net rimmed around to the near side. Marchand keeps it in at the blue line feeds down low. Or walk, but welcome. Welcome sense it behind the net and coming out from behind the net. And a lot of traffic. There is Ethan Harrison Harrison to Marchand. Marchand's Gets it to Felton Felton with a drive right down the slot. Never got in hip bodies and it redirects to patch Opinsky patch. Hippensteel skated up, dump it in. Falcons have it deep in the Bentley and that they turn it over there below the goal line that Lee comes right back. But on net from the blue line, that shot was taken by Qazi has saved blocker saved by Schilling kicks out a long rebound in the neutral zone. Bentley with the pot here they come. Bentley relentless another shop that drive there by a recent blocked out front. Never got in concert. Tried to pick it up over here in the corner. Couldn't do it. They send it behind the net and the Falcon skate away with it here. With space at center ice Here is Gavin. Will Gavin skates in goes into the corner. Lombardo's e mugs him in the corner takes the puck away. There's Bentley after the takeaway in the breakout and kaze big guy muscles his way in, drops it behind to arreaza. Teresi expend moves and he finds he passes right out in front tried to find a man there on the doorstep. But he passed it right to one of the Falcons, who turns sends it up the ice for the icing call. Air force needed that because there was a big flurry. There were white jerseys. There was a loose puck. Schilling was down on the ice. I think that might have been Murad. Just the goddess stick on that threw it out of danger, which was a good icing call for airports. 1 28 left second period title one. On the dot Novak and Bowery Bowery wins it in the corner, and the Falcons get a chance to dump it out of the zone. And do it got past the Lila at the blue line all the way deep into the Bentley end. Born will grab it for Air Force. Nate Horn past blocked. I'm going over to help out Thomas baskets. He's outnumbered there and Bentley. I'll have the puck. Health. Malcolm's doing a good job defensively, keeping Bentley bottled up. And now here's the breakout for Bentley Santer. No, no look pass intercepted by Weigel Weigel. Send it back to center Ice. Roswell has it They're spins away from pressure. Gets it to no back no back with the past, broken up momentarily by noting that ends up on the stick. Don't Hamlet. Hamlet. And Bentley cycle it over on the far side. Now they reverse it to the near side. Along the half boards. It's going to be grabbed by Zach Maraj is no look passes broken up, intercepted a shot half the post and covered up by shilling in the paint. I don't think that was in, although it was really close as Ethan Harrison Darn near broke the 11 tie with the shot there..

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