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Thirty below in some places, a wind chill advisory will kick in at six o'clock tonight through noon tomorrow and tomorrow, high of only six degrees, we have snow at O'Hare twentieth. There. Midway Twenty-one the lakefront Twenty-three in Aurora blowing style with a wind chill minus seven WBZ news time, five twenty one. Our top story. This hour is a small sign of optimism in Washington is key lawmakers look for a way to end the partial government shutdown. That's now in its thirty four th day, top Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are meeting to work out a compromise Bill that would reopen the government for three weeks to give leaders time to negotiate a border security plan. President Trump says he would sign such a compromise. If it includes a down payment on his border wall, which he says Americans want for the most part people agree when I say everybody, I would say almost everybody agree we have to have border security. We have to have a wall in order to have border security. You cannot have border security without wall. Most polls suggest a majority of Americans do not favor a wall on the southern border with Mexico will have much more on this story at five thirty one Sunday morning mass coming to it. In Chicago, second oldest Catholic archdiocese of Chicago. His toll parisioners of Holy Family church on Roosevelt road on the near west side that is combining it with Notre Dame. Chicago church in is reducing the number of masses there on Sunday from two to one the five PM mass, weddings will also be held there. According to a longtime supporter of Holy Family parisioners last night were said to have been shocked and unhappy with the news. Holy Family was closed for ten years before restoration effort and reopening in nineteen Ninety-four it survived. The great Chicago fire of eighteen seventy one Bernie to foia NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM guards. At the King County jail have found evidence of suspected heroin in Fenton, all within its walls sheriff Ron Haines organized shakedown this week and housing units. In the King County jail has turned up nine small bags containing suspected heroin and phenomenal Kane county chronicle reports an Email from Hain defines a shakedown as an extensive search where everything's removed and replaced and a cell in all eighteen Baggies..

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