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To. On declare your independence me or in the snack we have we are now in Bangor Maine, and we're trying to get a very Kirwin on from Republic Ireland we're working on it right now we got that. A micro sucks. Because Microsoft because Microsoft sucks man you know we're working on here we push this and they got participants and we do. But when DON is working on now when we get him on we'll. Come in away Berry Kirwin living due to an introduction here he met Berry and Emma his fiancee and he got engaged in Orca poke by the way and Arca POCO. Nine, thousand, nine, hundred. Eighteen at least two three years that they were there and they would go and sit through as many. It was like they they had their schedule full and you have a lot of different rooms going on they had to pick between some stuff. I think he might even split on some and they were sucking in all the information and I tell you what they. Find out is that They. Have people around the world are looking for the same thing. You know they're having the same problems. Now he comes on the show we're GonNa talk about all the fearmongering that's going on with the you know the Rona and. You're the Irish history public. Ireland we've talked about before versus Northern Ireland and the European Union Great Britain and Bab deb deb. Now now, there's a lot of times that we have equivalent of a lot of rockstars here in America that are challenging the Doctor Judy Mike Bits Live Dolores Kahlil. Hill there so there's a lot of people that are influence and then they start crossing the ponds. We got. Can't hack heck and lively and Morgan they're going to do. To Australia. They had a band on can hacker lively for a few years and he was not allowed well. We got you. They're very. I think. So yes can you hear me? Yes awesome and you can hear me right. Again yeah, we're good. Awesome. Yeah, you know technical. There we go. See your pretty face to. All. Right. Now we're going to do is I wanted to get an update on. European Union and a Great Britain and then Republican Ireland you guys are. Your separate from. Britain. Now, and but you're part of the European Union. So so you're allegiances lie what what kind of flag you got. On your bumper sticker. Allegiance are the states. The states and The state while the state is Yeah. It's part of the European. The. Great Britain, Novice Sleep with the whole thing is that. Distancing itself from the European Union. They've always had their own currency they stayed with the British pound while Ireland the Irish owned which changed through the euro. A. Bus. Go Go ahead burn off your video I'm attorney my video. So we got better connection. I think. Yeah. Yeah. Now they'll increase our bandwidth here. I'm a stop on stop video not so get better audio now the The cat, what the call it what are you guys call it there this corona virus covid nineteen scare of everybody's gotTa do whatever. What are they? How is it referred to therein Republican Ireland. It's covert nineteen. Year to. Its set saying we get the same. I Suppose News as you get. Is that what you call I news zero to Probably ended in. How would you describe. I least propaganda not freaking brainwashing you know. So I need to know how do you Is it transmitted? Do you have? The information is there School's in session now, or they're not are they constantly on television or it's not do they have masks mandates and it's the businesses arming how do you experience compared to us? We have. Asks we have. All the schools that the school here. Said, the kids are are gone back. Since the start of September do they have to wear a badge today in a plexiglas bubble? What? Yeah I'd have to wear masks so they. Obviously can't be happy. Good long-term. As OWL's. From a news view, we would get. A lot of your news regurgitated in. In, Irish farmers even. Your The vowed she is the. Director of summer over there, which guys is speaking on the most watched them television show tonight aren't. Oh. We don't pay attention. I don't know how much you guys pay attention to whatever the government says but not so much here I, I'm that's one thing I'm interested in a lot of the rhetoric that we get from the officials and the shiny badges here America. Are they the ones that dominate news coverage in television in Ireland Great Britain European. Union as you know, the the US drive the news. A source from the same place, the same ad censorship. A. What stories get on? Obviously. We have our local Irish. News. A more local base the international news would be oddly similar to. But you guys guest. I'm assuming anyone. At the paying trump is a bad guy. An Viruses going to solve the vaccine. Cheese gone. You know. Well what is your? Coming I mean does the United States presidential election have a significant coverage in European Union Great Britain area there and Ireland, or is it just a distant who cares or how important is that? No it would be followed reasonably close at Arlanda particular. The American pharmaceutical companies faced here producing they're..

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