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Well, weird stuff. I, I don't know what to say. I think I think we said at all, actually, as of right now, as of the current information we have and I'm curious for the response on this, if you are somebody who is literally an expert in this field or maybe you're an expert in statistical analysis, or if you have any expertise informed opinions on this, please let me know. I definitely don't want to be missing anything, but I'm, you know, I'm I'm curious about this really interesting but to you this way. I mean, if I had to make a bet right now, I would bet vast sums of money that this is nonsense. I mean, that's it's gonna take a lot to make me start thinking that there's a way to detect other people's thoughts in some way. But you know, I cannot argue with the fact this is published in a major journal and peer review and is statistically significant. So what I think is, I guess we just. What we should do is not judge it as we kind of said in in the recording by been processing this as always do, feels like we should not reject it out of hand, but just we should study this more could be a really cool thing. I mean, how, how awesome would it be? If scientifically we were able to establish that this could exist and if you study more and it turns out, Nope. Can't replicate this as much as we thought. Even though. I mean it's kind of been replicated, but anyway, can't replicate this or or we disproven it, or we've shown how we got this result in, it's not what you think that would be great too. I would love to know either way that should be how science works. So I don't know. I find this very interesting, but I'm curious on your take on that as well. But I again my strong intuitions that there's something something some mistake has been made somewhere and but you know what, I, you know that it is what it is. All right. Well, just like last month I keep forgetting with this one show a week schedule that the end of the month comes at very awkward times of the end of the month is. Next Tuesday and I want to, as I said, do my voice mail so the month. So I've decided what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do an extra episode but not just for bonus people. I'm gonna do extra episode which will be the voicemail episode and I think I'll put it out on the main feeds ever, but everybody can enjoy it. And so that means you've got a couple of days here before record that I gotta get him by the end of July, but get your voicemails, especially if you want to talk about this, I'd be curious for your reactions but but hop on that voicemail line. The number is in the show notes and leave some voicemails and we'll do our monthly thing. I think it's a really cool thing. I love this segment and it's my favorite show to do every month. So that's gonna do in everybody is going to be getting a bonus episode. So thank you so much for listening in supporting as usual supporters. Do make the show happen. You can go to serious pod dot com, slash support or patriot dot com slash serious pod either way. And support the show, make it happen. Thank you so much for listening. And I'll see you very soon.

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