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Do it's got president trump's quick withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria may push foreign policy into the presidential campaign spotlight so what foreign policy proposals to some of the Democrats running for president have during Wednesday's debate senator Elizabeth Warren said well I think that we ought to get out of the Middle East I don't think we should have troops in the Middle East but we have to do it the right way the smart way we're gonna take a closer look at the Democrats foreign policy positions with Susan Glasser The New Yorker frequent commentator in foreign affairs Susan thanks for being with us great to be with you and how do you read senator warms comments she criticizes president trump but does your approach to foreign policy share some of the some of the same goals well absolutely in fact her campaign consider that enough of a gap they actually tried to correct it in the middle of the debate itself by clarifying that she did not mean that she wanted to withdraw all US troops from the Middle East where we of course have an extensive network of bases but simply meant she wanted to and combat missions in combat troops in the Middle East which is also kind of a questionable strategy in the sense that what are the truth can be the basis for if not to vie for example counter characins and the like Bernie Sanders another front runner has called for call to bring the forever war to win and our his views different well you know it's interesting both Sanders and warrants and and a number of the Democrats essentially are adopting some of the language that president trump is using now he's ending the and look worse you that **** forever wars and I think you know it's not entirely clear what kind of American leadership in the world they want to substitute for that it's also not entirely clear by the way that the American presence in Syria that present public now attended would actually qualify as as one of those however wars what which candidates on the debate stage in Ohio that you heard seem to present but what I'll phrase it is the most developed views on foreign policy you know it's really an interesting thing because on some measures well worn is not a novice on foreign policy she serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee and yet you know to me at least she seemed not really very fluent in the subject and and quite uncomfortable a stark contrast to her very strong views and very clearly articulated plans for everything he didn't really seem to have a plan that was well thought through on the foreign policy side ironically you know Pete bridge at the thirty seven year old mayor of a small midwestern city seems to be the most competent and he took her on in that portion of the debate I remember he did serve in U. S. military in Afghanistan and he seemed quite confident in saying that it's a false choice between and what's worse fighting forever or complete isolationism and he said that was basically going to be the death of American leadership former vice president Biden of course has a lot of experience in foreign affairs how important is foreign policy experience or expertise in the democratic primary for twenty twenty good question I think it goes to the overall package that Joe Biden is selling right each you know which is to say that he's experienced contrasting himself in everything he does his campaign with Donald Trump as a person not only who he said can't beat trump the most side would sort of steady the ship at a time when this week has certainly has underscored the volatility of American leadership I tried to buy and that was the answer he gave it back in the debate he basically said we should trust me I forgot because I know everybody I've dealt with personally and I've dealt with to one the next day in Iowa he gave a speech that I thought was stronger than his debate answer nine in which she critique president trump's recent moves in Syria and quickly delta Gabbard says that Hillary Clinton should get back in the race for the two of them have been lobbying accusations does is going to improve her hand in the democratic primary but she's she's she's a distraction she it doesn't have any real to court in the democratic primary field and it you know but she represents on foreign policy in particular just a complete outlier perspective on the debate stage you would essentially a green not only with Donald Trump but with your indicator for sure I thought Susan Glasser The New Yorker thanks so much all I'm happy to be with you the group of US senators has a message for the head of the nation's top consumer protection agency they would like to dig into student loan forgiveness program that's supposed to help public service workers but it's already tried as NPR's revealed the consumer financial protection bureau made its attempt last year but was thwarted thwarted by the trump administration and peers Chris Arnold explains what's going on here is basically a turf war and more than million police officers public defenders social workers and others are caught in the middle at issue is the public service loan forgiveness program which aims to help basically anyone who works for the government or nonprofit if they make payments for ten years at the program promises to forgive the remainder of their student loan debt but the education department's program is rejecting ninety nine percent of people who say they've made those payments that's what the lawsuits and lots of criticism and sources tell NPR that the consumer financial protection bureau tried to help that came up in a Senate hearing this week according to recent NPR report in twenty eighteen the CFPB launched an effort to find out why the program is failing our public servants but secretary divorces department of education seems to have successfully stonewalled those efforts that senator Bob Menendez a New Jersey Democrat sources tell NPR that the consumer protection sand examiners into student loan servicing companies to find out what's been going on but the ad department told servicer is not to share information Menendez told the bureau's director khaki craning her in the hearing that you should get court orders to allow her to do proper oversight despite what education secretary Betsy device might want you don't have to follow her lead predator responded that she would rather not have an adversarial relationship with the department of education I have met with secretary to Voss and we are already discussing how to move forward in an effective way then they shot back though that the ad department said just two days before that the CFPB doesn't have jurisdiction here that is the education department's job to oversee the one point five trillion dollars worth of federal student loans so if you're waiting for the department of education to give you permission to oversee the public service loan forgiveness program you're going to be disappointed who's going to get hurt here are public servants who deserve to have the opportunity to have loan forgiveness as part of their service three other senators pressed ran aground is too she said her bureau does have the authority to protect people with federal student loans if they are being hurt by unfair practices but it's not clear if Crandon girl who's also a.

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