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And, yes, Halloween music is in order for today, because again it is Halloween. So for those of you who are doing trick or treating tonight I know At least power. I do know, pal, for a fact changed theirs. If you're doing that tonight, stay warm. Okay, it's going to be. It's not gonna be super cold cold enough 41 to me for the low. That's cold. All right. So I enjoy your Halloween and a full moon out tonight as well. And this is the second full moon. Of the month, which means it is a blue moon. I learned that from Phil Kelly this morning, So it is once in a blue moon today, So yeah, Halloween Full moon, A blue moon. This doesn't end well, for a lot of people. I can tell you right now. Ah, let's jump back into its healing. Squeeze one more in here before we have to the top of the hour. Bill, you're on 6 10, doubly TV and good morning. And good morning. Good morning and happy Halloween. Happy Halloween to you, Bill. Yeah. Go books. Uh, you know, as we're voting this Tuesday, a couple of things to remember one is the city calmest Got this goofy. Ah! Voting thing for Green energy. And if you don't, uh, understand this, they want to go green energy with city in Columbus assed mandatory unless you opt out of it. They don't know where they're gonna put it. They don't know how much it's gonna cost, but we're going to get Oh, hey, we're going to get those rolling blackouts and brownouts what they have in California and with green energy. Your costs go up by at least 4 to 5 times. So when they take your electric bill multiplatform 45 see whatyou gotta pay in five years go for, uh, The other thing is we got the Mayor again. Thers got this thing for again for the ST Columbus and we're goingto Ah! Do with civilian, uh, mandate on the police department. We're gonna have another one of those Cos one of those law firms. For somebody. They don't know who they don't know how much it's gonna cost again. It's open ended, right? Ah Civilian review board for the Police department. We spend a half a million dollars to find out. At the police during the riots here in Columbus, and may were absolutely fine. They didn't know nothing wrong and we spent another $50,000 to find out. The police sergeant put on his Twitter. Those accounts were okay. Uh, it's amazing who gets all this money. And, yes, And during my election here We have voice baby who, if he didn't start the right, she perpetuated by swinging at the police landing a couple punches and then Oh, we got pepper sprayed. Well, yeah. You got pepper sprayed because you did something wrong. And I don't understand why she has not been charged with assault on a police officer. The good news is the Republicans for the first time in 10 years and put out A decent candidate. There's actually endure somebody to run for the third Congressional District Guy named Mark Richardson. So take a look at that. Then the last and most one of the most important things are county commissioners. County commissioners. We've got The new crew stadium going on, which originally was $15 million now, except over $300 million and counting. Uh, there's a gentleman out there. Asleep one person and I like him because he's he's done a lot of Ah Ah, Luis Gil. He's their immigrant. It came up from Venezuela. He left side country because it was socialist because it was in such bad shape. A started business here. His good gentlemen. Uh, he's not a politician. Thank God and ah, he's gonna run. He's goingto do, uh, Things like Bill. I got less than a minute. Answer. But anyway, he's gonna He's gonna run like a business. We got to do that, Uh, we got to get rid of those people that have good one. Oh, Buck. All right, Bill. Go box. Thanks for the call. Certainly do appreciate it. If you would like to get in on the action 8 to 1 W TV and 116 W TV in one line available as we speak. And as we run out of time this hour when the you will be up first next hour, So after top of the hour news, we will get to you as well as everybody else Who is on hold, So I certainly do appreciate you guys being patient this morning. It is a packed morning in deed. All right again, 8 to 1 of'em. 869 w TV. And if you would like to be a part of Saturday morning open phones, please, By all means encourage you to do so. This is news radio 6 10 w. TVM. From the elk and Elk Studios. If.

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