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Grabner scorned embraced. He loss game on a breakway. He's doesn't bury a lot of break. He's about ten percent of breakaways but he gets he gets a hundred of 'em he was under review five years a year. I bet that he played two games. He might get over one hundred one game he got. Recently I played with him in New York for two years. We we were lions vehicle. J. T. Miller this guy would have three breakaways again. Yeah Right. Believable varies like one. I was talking to Raff. RAFF said he was complaining about not having a lot of goals this year or something or no he has I think he has. I think six six eight and he said he should have like eighteen or should be up there and rafts like what do you play. Oh you get four breakaways a game like why are you complaining through four year. One hundred breakaways. You only score. If he scores ten percent none of his goal and always getting a least another ten. Yeah but but I will say if he was given the gift to when he just goes in all alone like Matthews mcdavid he would have sixty fucking goal every year breath breakaways. You might be going too fast for the break like for his own skill level. I would say it's something mental but maybe maybe we can with this interview right now. We can kind of get the FUNK SWIG she touches teeing up shots. Nice Watch hockey. The only analyst watch hockey TORONTO. I wasn't down that end of the bench but he came down and he said should I do it. But you saying it's a our coach lappy. I think because I was at the other end of the bench I did this and then he came down and just ripped a clapper a rocket. It was unbelievable. Who won the last guy and I may be wrong that I saw come down and Ripa clap or like that with older stole when he used to take breakways that guy in Edmonton from squeezer? That like did circle and then came down and took a hallway. All no no that was that was linus ullmark. He didn't he would just like fake clap. Clap I don't know I remember one time I'm He was famous in Edmonton. When he did he yeah he did like the he came up and did like a spin before he touched the puck? And then yeah it was a complete clown house show dead last spin around one of these sold those Jersey engine. Tom Renney came in the room and before he talked to us. Spin around old go actually loved tr but he came around like this. We're in thirty. Th Place Right now but line is Omar. Okay Charlie did it. Did it guys with absolute candidates. Just come down like what are you GonNa do all right well being in Philly. You mentioned Qatari like 'cause you're learning things about guys you've played late against for a long time. You don't know that much about him. He's way underrated O- hundred percent like you're seeing on a daily basis. He's just one of the best two way centers I honestly think of Biz played with them right now and I'll say seriously twenty. He makes every guy he plays with. Better it's insane take me. I'm not saying the guy's he's playing with right now like needed the help because their Oscar. Tk and that lines one of the best lines on the league But like he he just plays the right way like that. Top twenty centers came out and he wasn't on it. Yeah that was crazy. I I didn't really asked about this before you have to be on the top twenty dollars and I should have no. I got asked by affiliate someone someone that works in Philly. It's about him not gonNA listen. I never like I just met him once at Media Day in Chicago and so I didn't know if I was supposed to pump his tires the new guy coming in NBA. All this guy teams unbelievable. No also the demand that we just got his morose everyone they just say talk about how sick the team. Because I don't really know the guys yet. But he asks you.

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