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Pressure was ramped up in the bubble. If you could take one of them out of the equation, 80 or LeBron, you have a fighter's chance. Could the Lakers take complete control passes it out 83 to shoot a three way reshaped fall classic. To further shame to legitimate M V P candidates Right now, mark the best came alive a mild a left field way up beyond the second deck. And the Dalai MBA crowns a champion. This is SportsCenter all night, J. Reynolds one step closer to another title. That's in two minutes. Port several night ESPN radio ESPN APP Serious accident Channel 80. But one team had the season MVP. The other takes the title Tuesday under complete way will never waste your 2020. On ESPN Storm with a sweep winning the WN BA titled Closing out the action in the wobble, and they do It emphatically. 92 59 33 Point victory largest margin of victory in any W N B a playoff game all time. ESPN. Holly Rowe. I think that the Seattle Storm did this in dominating fashion together. Of course, they have a superstar in Briana Stewart, who had superstar like numbers, but they shared the basketball there. Ball movement was epic. They set finals records in Game one and Game two for assists. 33 assists in Game two. And, of course, they have the legend Sue Bird, but it was the team basketball the ball movement that this really special team had to make it to a championship. And of course, this season was about so much more than basketball. Holly. This elite that's two thirds African American women was strong allies among the rest of the league and so social justice was a big part of their message. They spoke with Briana Taylor's family. They wore her name. How are they feeling about how their message was received? I think they feel like they're message was received and that they were leaders in this base, But they also feel that their work is not done, and I thought it was significant that during the trophy presentation, the W. N B a commissioner said. This is just the beginning. They will continue their Social justice platform. They will continue to say her name and, you know, we spoke at the beginning of the season with Tameka Palmer. That's Briana Taylor's mother. Her daughter loved basketball. She would've been so proud that it was her that they were representing all season long. Briana Stewart finishes with 26 in the clincher. She's the Finals MVP Sue Bird 5.7 assists She averaged over nine assists per game. In the 2020 playoffs Storm with their third win of the Siri's. They take the title Lakers were in search of a third win in their Syriza's well, although there's a best of seven. So what Wouldn't end on Tuesday but would bring the Lakers step closer. Time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk Wireless. No blow outs are blown leads neither team ever out in front by double digits in this one, but some confident shots in the second half LeBron James.

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